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Many homeowners in Vaughan are choosing blown in insulation for their homes because it is the fastest, most cost-effective, and efficient option. Blown in insulation is more effective for smaller, awkward cracks and tighter spaces like the attic or crawl space because you don’t have to be able to physically access every area to apply it. The insulation is blown into your attic space by using a long hose attached to a machine.

Cellulose And Fiberglass Are Blown In Insulation Materials

Both blown in cellulose and blown in fiberglass insulation are “fluffy” insulation materials with similar R-Values. Each material offers superior density, energy efficiency, and ease of application over standard batting but in order to work properly, it requires precise installation. Different from the other types of insulation, each of the blown in materials is made from recycled materials. They make excellent choices if you live in Vaughan and hope to increase your home’s comfort.

Blown in cellulose insulation is made from newsprint and it doesn’t constitute a health safety risk. It is flammable and with more than 65 – 70% recycled content, cellulose also makes a green choice. Cellulose insulation performs well in extremely cold temperatures and air leakage is less likely with this type of insulation, which makes it appropriate for use in a drafty attic.

Blown in fiberglass insulation is less likely to settle over time than cellulose, so you won’t have to worry about adding new insulation for many years. It contains approximately 35% recycled glass and provides a superior sound barrier. Fiberglass insulation performs well in moisture and is also less likely to constitute a risk during a fire.

What are the benefits of Attic Insulation?

The attic is one of the key areas to add new insulation to a home. Attic insulation is so important because simply adding or updating your insulation can help you save hundreds to thousands of dollars a year on your utility bills. Keeping your attic insulation up to date affects humidity, temperature, drafts, heating and cooling bills, sound, etc.

Blown in insulation is typically installed in an attic. In comparison to batt insulation, blown in insulation is less expensive to install and provides better coverage when installed properly. Blown in material can fill in around pipes, beams, and other shaped spaces. It has the ability to seal tightly which makes it a much better and more energy-efficient choice than batt. When the attic is insulated the heat stays in your home through the winter and in the summer less radiates down from your attic. Proper attic insulation can make your home in Vaughan more comfortable and also reduces the outside noises that come into your home.

How Much Does Blown In Insulation Cost?

Blown in insulation is the most common option for many homes in Vaughan. Many people are going for either cellulose or fiberglass insulation. If you are planning to insulate your attic, it is very important to consider the cost of the entire attic insulation project. For an effective attic insulation project, you want to go for an R-Value between R-50 and R-60 which may cost you about $1.4-$1.6 per square foot, which translates to about $1400 if your attic has an area of 1000 square feet. These costs don’t include ventilation, vapour barriers, and air sealing, which will cost an additional $300$1500.

Installing Blown In Insulation in Vaughan

Blown in insulation can be installed either by homeowners or by a professional. If you do it yourself you must keep in mind that an incorrect application could result in a failed project and you will have to pay to have the job redone. And you will have to purchase double the insulation material. Also, you might discover that you cannot reach certain areas of the attic. That is why it is better to hire an expert installer to do the job so you don’t injure yourself and also he will make sure that the insulation will reach the required R-Value according to the Ontario Building Code.

The most common type used in home attics in Vaughan is cellulose insulation. It takes around 18” thickness of blown in cellulose insulation to reach the current code of R-60 in home attics. More than just getting the attic up to R-Value needed, also proper ventilation is very important in order to prevent unwanted condensation.

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