How Do I Decrease My Utility Bill?

Well-insulated homes will invariably save on energy consumption from season to season. And for conscious homeowners who want to reduce utility bills, insulation can contribute measurably. The thing is, getting a home properly insulated is actually one of the better home improvement projects. In short, an energy-efficient home will definitely decrease utility bills. Indeed, every home, no matter the size, is going to benefit when insulation is enhanced.

Sealing older windows and doors

With older windows and doors, air sealing and draft proofing will prevent “air leakage”. When sealed effectively, windows and doors will not allow heat loss (and wasted energy).

Properly insulating the basement

The idea of effectively insulating the basement is to restrict airflow, block air leakage, and stop moisture from collecting – it will all contribute to reducing household utility bills.

Better insulation in exterior walls

Today, there are special retrofitting methods for better insulating exterior walls. It will improve energy efficiency, enhance the R-Values, and contribute to decreasing utility bills.

Window films that save on energy

Window films are specifically designed to decrease solar heat. Window films save energy because the AC works less, and therefore hydro costs are reduced during the summer.

Attached garages can be insulated

Insulating a garage will stop cold air from coming into the house, and warm air from leaking out. This approach also helps to insulate any living area located above the garage.

Effectively insulating attics/roofs

The attic cavity is the primary source of heat loss in most homes. When the attic and roof are well sealed and properly insulated, the entire home becomes more energy efficient.

At Eco Spray Insulation, insulation experts can recommend an approach that will contribute to the best energy savings. Eco Spray Insulation installers will seal, insulate, and ventilate the home so that energy efficiency is significantly improved. The result: decreased utility bills throughout the year.