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There are many spray foam insulation companies in Toronto that promise a lot but once they have roped you in, their results leave much to be desired. This is our nightmare and what we never want our customers to experience. Thus, at Eco Spray Insulation company we have set an uncompromising term that underlies any conduct, rapport, or service. This term is to treat every single customer as we would treat ourselves. 

Based on that simple sentence – or as we call it the oath – we have been able to build up many solid relationships and long-lasting partnerships which have led to high standard spray foam insulation services, happy customers, and have driven exponential growth. Moreover, that principle, that Eco Spray Insulation company holds firmly, is the cornerstone to build up a healthy insulation company that provides industry-leading spray foam insulation services, attic insulation services, blown in insulation, basement insulation and more in the GTA area. It is not a coincidence the fact that 70% of our customers refer at least 1 person to us and this is why our strongest marketing means to promote our insulation services are the word of mouth. We are proud of choosing quality than quantity and we are aware that we have to keep working hard and honestly to keep seeing smiles on our clients’ faces.

Should you be looking for an experienced insulation contractor to provide timely insulation services and affordable insulation then we are here for you. Get a free insulation quote (no obligation) or contact us to discuss it with our insulation specialists anytime.  Let us know how we could be of service.

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What Does Eco Spray Insulation Provides?

Eco Spray Insulation provides residential and commercial insulation services in GTA. Spray polyurethane foam insulation is our pride and along with other insulation products we are able to fulfill any insulation requirement for your house, warehouse, store, and any building structure. The Ontario Building code requires airtight buildings and energy efficient insulation. For, we are here to do our part in accomplishing the green mission that the Ontario government has launch to achieve a more energy sustainable future. Upgrading your home insulation and using Spray foam insulation (SPF) is the right step towards that. Below you may find in brief the most used insulation types that Eco Spray Insulation provides in accordance with the Ontario Building code.

Closed-cell / 2-pound – medium density spray foam insulation

The closed-cell spray foam insulation which you may have heard of as 2-pound spray foam or medium density foam is the same spray foam insulation product.  This type of spray foam is the Rockstar among the insulation types as it is the most requested insulation for increasing energy efficiency and this happens because of the advantages that the closed-cell spray foam provides. 

The closed-cell spray foam provides a high R-value per inch and can fit perfectly in any area of the building structure. On top of that, the closed-cell spray foam provides air-barrier abilities and it is a vapor barrier too. Builders could not wish for a better product that would give them so many benefits at once. Check out more interesting characteristics of spray foam

Open-cell – ½ pound – Low-density spray foam insulation

The open-cell insulation type – beyond its thermal barrier abilities – is a great insulation product for soundproofing purposes. Many homeowners, contractors, and builders want it applied in basement ceilings, party walls, and other structures in order to get a profit from the thermal and soundproofing properties of the open-cell spray foam insulation. Besides that, half-pound spray foam insulation is a flexible spray foam product that can be applied to the surface and fills all the voids or difficult spaces where using normal insulation would not do the job properly.

Blown-in Cellulose/Fiberglas insulation

The attic is a peculiar part of the building which needs to be well-insulated but at the same time well ventilated. That may sound contradictory but actually is just another reason why the attic needs a proactive approach and special handling. The blown-in cellulose and fiberglass insulation is our valuable partner when it comes to insulation upgrade in the attic or applying a high R-value of insulation in the new attics. The updated Ontario Building Code requires R60 for the attic and an easy way to reach that R-value is to apply blown-in insulation.

Some of the benefits of the attic blown-in insulation are that it is a very good thermal barrier which means that the heat loss in the attic will be minimized and the house will get more energy efficient. On top of that, it is a great fire retardant and is applied easily. The blown-in price aspect is worth mentioning as the blown insulation for the attic has an economical price that gives the opportunity to be accessible by everyone.

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Why Choose Eco Spray Insulation Company?

Eco Spray Insulation stands for “treat every single customer as we would treat ourselves” and that is our guideline to long-lasting relationships, happy clients, and superior insulation results. We are proud members of CUFCA (Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association) licensed, certified, and insured to meet and exceed the spray foam industry standards.

Another strong part, which leads us to great results, is our adept spray foam technicians. Our hiring department applies a thorough 10-step qualification process which allows only the best to be part of the insulation technician team. Consequently, our experienced and skillful insulation team, guided by our principles, cannot provide anything but the best. Here at Eco Spray Insulation, we are not just words so we have proven results that you can check out at our portfolio and meet previous clients who will confess to you their smooth experience. 

Additionally, we always try to provide affordable insulation and keep the prices down so the insulation is accessible by as many people as possible. And that happens without dropping the insulation service quality because we never compromise our quality for more clients.

Last but yet worth mentioning is our lead time because a great insulation service is also a timely service. To make that even better we have included Insulation Emergency Dispatch Service which means that we can do an insulation service anytime you require it. Eco Spray Insulation is there for you when most needed.

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