Eco Spray Insulation offers fireproofing services using prime products and quality service. We use the latest foam spray fire retardant materials to deliver superior safety and performance. We understand your needs and deliver long-term solutions.

What is fireproofing?

Fireproofing is a requirement for most multi-family or commercial buildings. Even buildings built entirely from concrete and metal need protection. Passive Fire Protection (PFP), referred also to as Fireproofing is used to prevent or delay the failure of steel and concrete structures exposed to fire and heat. Passive Fire Protection insulates structural components in the event of a fire, protecting against the loss of structural integrity. Passive Fire Protection products do this by thermally insulating structural members to keep them from reaching temperatures that can result in failure.

Spray applied fireproofing is used primarily to protect rigid structural elements such as columns, beams, metal decking, and also steel joints from the effects of extreme heat that can be generated during a major fire.

Are available different types of fireproofing applications but our focus is mainly on cementitious and intumescent fireproofing. The most common materials used for fireproofing services are cementitious products. Which is a single component spray applied, mill-mixed plaster designed to protect the structural foundation of the building from falling, can be applied to concealed and exposed steel structures. In comparison to cementitious, the intumescent coatings are not as thick because of their properties. When exposed to heat they swell up which ultimately slows the heating of the steel structure providing sufficient response time. Is applied as a paint and has another benefit of being used for aesthetic design purposes.

Does Fireproof Paint Really Work?

When it comes to fireproofing your home or business, every protection matters. Fire can wreak havoc on your home or business, not to mention cost you tens of thousands of dollars in repairs and property replacement. Thankfully there is a new option available that can stop a deadly fire in its path, fire resistant paint.

Intumescent Fireproofing Paint and Intumescent Fireproofing Coating offer an affordable, yet highly effective way to give your building more protection against fire. This unique innovation is formulated to meet most fire safety industry standards and is allowing businesses, homeowners manufacturing sites, and even historic properties the opportunity to safeguard their buildings against fire. In some areas, to meet stringent fire code laws and regulations is enough to add fireproof paint to your walls, making this an excellent resource for historic buildings that must be careful to meet local codes while preserving the historic integrity of the property. Intumescent Fireproofing Paint is easy to apply on studs, walls, doors, windowsills, and stairs. You can simply roll, spray or brush it on like you would any other paint product, and once in the area you want to protect, you can paint over it.

What does fireproofing do to the building?

  • It keeps the structural steel below the critical temperature.
  • If the structural steel is left without fireproofing, it can damage fire barriers and a building can collapse so it avoids total structural damage.
  • It keeps electrical circuits below the critical point and makes them stay operational.
  • It prevents you as the owner from huge financial losses and helps you with the insurance rates.

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