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Are you frustrated with your home’s fluctuating temperature and expensive energy costs? Look nowhere else! One of the easiest ways to increase the comfort and energy efficiency of your home is by increasing the amount of insulation in your attic. Attic insulation will keep your home in Toronto well sealed and warm. The question that concerns many homeowners is what type of insulation they should be investing in?

Nowadays, the most preferred choice of insulation is blown in insulation. Blown in insulation is the traditional form of insulation Toronto and it performs better than the other types of insulation. Blown in insulation Toronto simply means blowing insulation into wall cavities, floors, and attics. Our excellent blown in insulation services Toronto are made to give you the maximum level of comfort and energy efficiency. We are your top option for all of your insulation needs thanks to our years of experience and dedication to perfection.

Why Go for Blown In Insulation Toronto?

Insulation that is blown in is a cutting-edge solution that has many benefits over conventional Toronto insulation techniques. You should do it for your Toronto house for the following reasons:

  • Efficiency: Your attic or walls are completely covered in a smooth layer of thermal protection thanks to our blown in insulation Toronto services. Your home will stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer thanks to the reduction of gaps and heat transmission.
  • Electricity Savings: By keeping your home at a constant temperature, you’ll put less stress on your heating and cooling systems and save a lot of electricity. Reduce your utility costs while enjoying a cozier home!
  • Environmental Benefits: By lowering your carbon emissions, our insulation products may benefit the environment. Support a better environment by joining the green revolution.
  • Sound Barrier: Blown in insulation serves as an acoustic barrier in addition to regulating temperature. Say good-bye to outside noise and take pleasure in a quiet home.
  • Quick Installation: Our skilled insulation contractors in Toronto can install blown in insulation quickly and effectively with little interference to your everyday routine.

What are the Main Types of Blown In Insulation in Toronto?

Blower-in insulation Toronto is a game-changer when it comes to improving your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. With materials like cellulose, fiberglass, and rock wool, you may make your home cozier while paying less in energy costs. Let’s explore the advantages of each type so you can choose wisely. Blown in cellulose insulation also called loose-fill is made up of 80-85% recycled paper and for both existing closed walls and attics, it works perfectly. While blown in fiberglass insulation is a mineral fiber that is obtained from recycled sand, glass, and other materials. And is available in three types: batts, rolls, and blown-in. Rock wool insulation also called “mineral wool” is made from blast furnace slag. It can be installed wherever you’d install fiberglass or any other type of insulation.

They all will do an excellent job at increasing your home’s resistance to heat flow and also will help keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. If you still don’t know which one is right for your home in Toronto, trust the professionals, at Eco Spray Insulation we will help you choose the Toronto insulation material that is right for your budget and your home.

Blown In Cellulose Insulation in Toronto

  • Eco-Friendly – This type of insulation is made from recycled paper, often using up to 85% recycled materials. This means that there is no danger or irritation associated with working with the material. Compared with other alternatives, it can boast a much cleaner and pollution-free production process.
  • Fire Retardant – Blown-in cellulose insulation is fire retardant because it is treated with borax, boric acid, and ammonium sulfate, all of which are considered non-toxic. It is safe to use it around light fixtures or recessed cans.
  • Affordable – It requires less time for installation than other products and when is professionally installed by an experienced team, is a very cost-effective option with lower Toronto installation costs than many other Toronto insulation products.
  • High R-Value – In comparison to fiberglass, blown-in cellulose insulation goes beyond R-value because it also reduces air infiltration, which enhances its insulation properties. In extreme cold cellulose insulation doesn’t lose its R-Value.

Blown In Fiberglass Insulation in Toronto

  • Moisture Resistant – When exposed to moisture blown-in fiberglass insulation neither absorbs nor holds water. When properly installed, blown-in fiberglass insulation provides a layer that slows the passage of moisture and heat. It fills gaps and spaces on the unfinished floors that attics have.
  • Fire Retardant – Fiberglass insulation is made from sand and recycled glass and is naturally noncombustible and remains so for the product’s life. This type of insulation required no additional fire-retardant chemical treatments.
  • Noise Reduction – Blown in fiberglass insulation is excellent for noise reduction. Its first inch in a building cavity can increase an assembly’s sound transmission class value by 3 or 4 points in some construction. It has shown to be great in absorbing the chatter and bringing it to a minimum.
  • Easy Installation – Fiberglass insulation is easier to install and is known for its long life and sustainability. Blown in fiberglass insulation, with the help of professional installers, is easy in terms of installation.

Rock Wool or Mineral Wool Insulation in Toronto

  • High Thermal Efficiency – In comparison to fiberglass insulation, rockwool provides a higher R-Value for the same thickness of insulation. (For example, Rock wool: 3.5 inch thickness = R15 and 5.5 inch thickness = R23 while Fiberglass: 3.5 inch thickness = R11 and 5.5 inch thickness = R19)
  • Fire Retardant – The products of stone wool are designed to remain stable and slow the spread of flames. It gives you peace of mind with a fire resistant design that makes safety a high priority in your living space.
  • Noise Reduction – This type of insulation is renowned for its excellent acoustic properties. It provides an improved noise reduction solution by properly absorbing sound waves and decreasing vibration.
  • Resistant to Mold – Rock wool insulation is completely resistant to mold, mildew, rot, and bacteria growth. It will keep performing without compromising the health of your home.

How Blown In Insulation Improves Your Toronto Home’s Performance?

Blown in insulation will improve your heating and cooling system in many ways. Even making small improvements to your insulation has a major effect on how heat moves around your home. Heat wants to flow into colder areas, insulation is what helps prevent this movement. Blown-in insulation blocks the cracks and gaps where the air passes. And once these air leaks stop your furnace doesn’t need to run as frequently. So, it reduces your energy consumption and will save you money on your monthly bills.

When choosing the type of insulation you should pay attention to the R-Value. R-Value is the amount of heat resistance that an insulation material can provide and the higher the number, the better it will be at resisting heat flow.  Some of the blown-in insulation performance depends on different factors such as type of heating system, climate, where you are going to install it in the home, etc.

Are Professional Services required for a quality Blown In Insulation Installation in Toronto?

Are you prepared to improve the functionality and energy efficiency of your Toronto home? Join Eco Spray Insulation without a second thought. To assist you in selecting the ideal blown in insulation Toronto for your particular requirements, our team of Toronto insulation contractors is always committed. We work closely with our clients to make sure they are completely satisfied from the insulation performance of their commercial or residential Toronto property. We will help you choose the right Toronto insulation material for the application, by making sure that installation meets construction standards and the general Ontario’s building code.

By spending money on blown-in insulation, you’re making the right choice that will improve your living space and result in long-term energy savings. At Eco Spray Insulation, we use the proper equipment, tools and address the safety of the occupants and of our team. Our experience and knowledge will help ensure that you have a safe, high quality blown in insulation installation that will last you for years. If you have any questions or if you want to get a free estimate you can contact us at 1-416-860-6664, or by email at [email protected] o get started on the path to a cozier, more environmentally friendly home. Our devoted team will be happy to assist you anytime!

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