Installing Attic Insulation In Toronto Can Lower Utility Bills

Installing Attic Insulation in Toronto Can Lower Utility Bills

Installing Attic Insulation in Toronto Can Lower Utility Bills

How Does Attic Insulation Help Me Save?

Installing new insulation in your attic or walls can help you save a lot of money. For example: a well insulated home forces your furnace or air conditioning to work during the coldest or warmest times of the year. Less load means fewer repairs, a longer lifespan, and a more efficient machine.

Attic insulation lowers energy bills making it possible to prevent air leaks and keep your air conditioning in. Good insulation benefits in the summer months too – it helps keep the heat of the sun from absorbing into your home and increasing your indoor temperatures.

When is it Time to Replace my Attic Insulation?

Knowing when to replace your insulation is not something that you can just look at. You need a professional who can accurately assess it for damage or degradation like Eco Spray insulation is.

Removing old insulation has beneficial effects to your home – not only will heat, sound, condensation, or mold problems improve or disappear, but any dust or allergens created by decaying material will be removed. At Eco Spray Insulation, our teams perform a thorough inspection with each attic insulation removal and installation, ensuring that any problems that may be causing insulation or become damaged are fixed before new materials are installed.

Here are some of the signs that your attic requires an upgrade.

Inconsistent Temperature

Every homeowner wants their HVAC system to be able to keep a consistent temperature throughout your home. If you have to keep adjusting your thermostat program, it means that some of the insulation in your attic needs to be replaced. It could have shifted, broken down, or worn away allowing cold air to get in through the roof of your home and not letting your HVAC system do its job.First example that you will save money by insulating your attic.

Higher Utility Bills

Poor insulation in your attic or crawl spaces or around your ductwork will allow cold air to come into the home and also cause the warm air to escape out of your ductwork. When this occurs, your HVAC system will have to run more and work harder to give you appropriate temperature. The harder your system has to work, the less efficient it will run, which will lead to an increase in your monthly energy bills.

Pest Infestations

Unfortunately, squirrels, mice, snakes, rats, bats, and other pests like to burrow into it and make safe and warm nests for their babies. When this occurs, they will not only destroy parts by chewing through it but also contaminate it by leaving grime and fecal matter. If you have pests in your attic, you need to make sure that you remove all the insulation they were around and replace it. Of course, homeowners will need to remove the pests first as humanely as possible, so it might be worth letting a professional company do this for you. Some companies actually offer humane rat removal so homeowners should really prioritize companies that offer this sort of service.Once the pests are removed, it’s worth replacing your attic insulation.This means more money in your pocket.

Wet or Dampness

If your insulation has become moist, damp, or wet from either a leak in the roof or broken pipes, you should replace it. When it becomes wet, it releases mycotoxins into the air, destroying your indoor air quality. Once any moisture is in touch with your insulation just replace it. Insulating your roof with insulation means that you won’t have these kinds of problems. Spend that money on other things because your attic is secure now!

Drafts or Cold Spots

Especially in the attic, poor or damaged insulation can allow drafts to enter your home. This occurs when the material does not create enough blockage between the outside air and the indoor atmosphere. If you notice drafts in the house and have checked your doors and windows, the likely culprit could be damaged insulation.

What Types Are Available?

At EcoSpray, we commonly recommend two different types of blown-in attic insulation – making for a quick, clean, and painless installation.

  • Fiberglass Insulation – This is the most common type, and comes in batts or fills. It is relatively inexpensive, easy to install, non-flammable, and moisture resistant, though it can break down and become damaged easily by pests. It’s made from glass spun like cotton candy. As a blown-in product, fiberglass does especially well for an inadequately insulated attic where a top-up is needed. 
  • Cellulose Insulation – This type of insulation is wood and paper loose fill that is blown into the open space. One of the benefits of cellulose is that it is easy to fill it in when more is needed, but it does absorb moisture. It offers great R-Values and, as a recycled product, it offers an eco-friendly option for home renovation. Blown-in cellulose insulation is made of post-consumer recycled paper goods that have been treated with borates (a naturally occurring mineral) to be both pest and fire resistant.
  • Spray Foam InsulationSpray foam insulation is both water and pest resistant and has the benefit of being able to be easily installed around any shapes and still fit tightly. The drawbacks of spray foam are that it can be more costly and requires professional installation.

How can Installing Attic Insulation in Toronto Can Lower Utility Bills?

  1. Reduces energy costs
  2.  Prevents moisture condensation
  3.  Reduces capacity and size of new mechanical equipment
  4.  Enhances process performance
  5.  Reduces emissions of pollutants
  6.  Safety and protection of personnel
  7.  Acoustical performance: reduces noise levels
  8.  Maximizes return on investment (ROI)
  9.  Improves Appearance
  10.  Fire Protection

Energy Savings: Insulation Reduces Energy Costs

A properly designed and installed insulation system immediately reduces the need for energy and results in significant savings.

A properly designed, insulated, and maintained system significantly reduces energy costs, which saves money and protects the environment. An unbelievable amount of energy is lost through uninsulated valves, bare pipes, or defective insulation.

Insulation Is a Quick Payback

A properly designed and installed insulation system provides an excellent return on investment and quick payback through cost savings. Insulation is a low-risk investment because the savings and the payback can be forecasted with a high degree of accuracy. 

Insulation is one of the few technologies where the payback for the investment is considered more than acceptable when compared to many other equipment or maintenance purchases. If the insulated system is properly installed, the savings from the investment continue for the life of the facility.

Control Condensation with Insulation

When you insulate your attic with a good vapor retarder, the insulation controls condensation and limits corrosion on cold piping, ducts, chillers, and roof drains. Sufficient thickness is needed to keep the surface temperature above the dew point temperature of the ambient air.

  1. Keep surface temperatures above the dew point.
  2. Prevent costly moisture damage to building materials.
  3. Prevent mold and mildew growth.
  4. Reduce energy costs for operating chillers and refrigeration equipment.

Process Control with Insulation

A properly specified and installed insulation system on bare process lines and equipment can increase the efficiency of a process system by as much as 95% or more.

Use insulation to:

  1. Maintain process temperatures;
  2. Improve product QC; and
  3. Improve operating safety.

Protect the Environment by Reducing Pollutant Emissions with Insulation

Insulation reduces energy consumption, which means that less fossil fuel is burned to produce that energy. This, in turn, decreases the amount of polluting gases such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide emitted into the atmosphere. This product is very friendly and protective. It’s 100% eco friendly.

Fire Protection

Used in combination with other materials, insulation helps provide fire protection in firestop systems, grease, and air ducts, and in electrical and communications conduits and cables. So in case of the fire, your home is very protected and you won’t spend money to rebuild it. Spray foam insulation is the best choice that you could do.

Improved Appearance

Insulation covering exposed air conditioning and plumbing lines gives a finished appearance to a building.

Noise Control with Insulation

A well-insulated system helps reduce noise levels by:

  • Absorbing emitted sound;
  • Eliminate the  sound at the source
  • Improving the work environment by improving worker morale and communication.

Noise is a very disturbing thing, Homeowners want to have a very comfortable and cozy environment, some of them can buy houses away from the city noises, from the noisy streets. But not everybody has the chance to do this. Instead, they can insulate their homes and get rid of the disturbing sounds.

How and Why Is Insulation Used to Control Sound?

This is possible to happen if our team installs sound-attenuation materials.

The purposes of applying sound-attenuation materials are to:

  1. Reduce obnoxious noise levels emitting from machines, equipment, pipelines, or enclosures;
  2. Reduce the general noise level in plant areas;
  3. Provide for better work conditions; and

Increase Space Efficiency with Insulation

A well-insulated system will:

  • Reduce capacity and size of new mechanical equipment;
  • Reduce capital cost of equipment;
  • Reduce space required for equipment; and
  • Reduce maximum electrical loads, meaning reduced electrical rates for industrial and commercial users.

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