Benefits of Under-Slab Spray Foam Insulation

Benefits of Under-Slab Spray Foam Insulation

Why should you insulate the under-slab?

This article is for all of you who are wondering why it is necessary to insulate the under-slab.

Our professional team will make sure that every penny that you will spend, is going to be worth it.

Eco Spray Insulation has the best equipment, the most experienced team and the most important thing is that we do the job with passion and clients are very satisfied with us.

 The main thing to know is that the building should have continuous insulation all around the structure. But you should take care of insulating the under-slab, otherwise, there will be a deficiency in your slab or basement. The warm air will escape your home through its foundation resulting in a vicious cycle of heat loss and high energy bills.

Residential home insulation is essential in every region of Canada. Today, the emphasis on insulation is on energy efficiency. As such, a home that’s well insulated from top to bottom is a home that’s performing from season to season, throughout the year. In new home construction, insulating the foundation area has proven to be very effective. This includes insulating the under-slab of the foundation with spray foam insulation.

By saying that we mean insulating the under-slab of the foundation with spray foam insulation.

The benefits of under-slab spray foam insulation:

1. Warmer temperature

This is the most important advantage. Spray foam has the unique ability to get into small cracks and crevices. Closing those tiny holes, our team will make it possible to prevent heat loss. Spray foam reduces this problem, keeps the warm air inside, and maintains the expected temperature for a longer time. This is one of the most efficient solutions with an air sealing advantage. Insulating the under-slab (in new construction or in renovation) effectively controls heat loss and provides home comfort in winter and summer. Beyond the comfort, spray foam provides very high R-Values, and therefore optimal energy efficiency throughout the home.

2. Prevents Mold

It’s a fact that moisture exists in the ground around your building. You should do something to keep it out of your concrete and interior. Also, moisture once in continuous contact with the concrete slab, would deteriorate and reduce the longevity of the structure.

Spray foam insulation reduces the moisture build-up and prevents the growth of mold or mildew throughout your home. In new home construction (and in major renovation work) under-slab spray foam insulation has proven to deliver numerous benefits with one application. No other application can compare 

  • as a vapour barrier, air moisture and condensation is prevented
  • as insulation, the R-Values are high, the energy savings significant
  • as an air sealer, air movement (warm and cool) is totally blocked
  • the insulation “envelope” provides the maximum in energy efficiency

3. Save money

A house is built on the long term, so should the insulation for our under-slab in order to bring long term benefits. Spray foam insulation will cut down the furnace working time as the insulation will maintain the expected temperature for a longer time period compared to other types of insulations. In a residential basement, insulating the under-slab will make a dramatic difference, particularly in winter. Heating requirements are reduced, and therefore utility bills are reduced. Undesirable air moisture is also averted. And overall, energy efficiency is enhanced throughout.

Enjoy the comfort in your property and more money in your pocket. The best investments are long term.

4. Radon Retarder

Reducing the amount of radon is one of the benefits of spray foam insulation in your under-slab. Briefly, gas radon exists in some underground areas and through clefts penetrates the house through the air

5. Prevents Bugs and Insects.

The tiny holes in your building structure are the gate to ants and bugs which are able to find tiny cracks in the concrete. They come from the soil, and by utilizing the easily penetrated insulation, they find out small cracks in the concrete to make your building a paradise to live and prosper.

6. Flexible ground application

Sometimes the substrate surface of the ground, where the insulation is going to be applied, is uneven due to pebbles or loose gravel. There is a high chance of air pockets existing within your home if not insulated properly. This will ruin the purpose of the insulation so air circulation and radon gases may enter through the under-slab.

7. Increases the Sturdiness of the Slab

Closed cell insulation can actually strengthen the structure of your slab due to its density and hardness. Earthquakes, heavy snow, strong winds can be a big challenge and one of the benefits of spray foam insulation is that it covers all areas and holds everything together as a strong glue.

8. Eco-friendly SOPRA-SPF 202

The closed cell SOPRA-SPF 202 spray foam is made out of recycled plastic bottles vegetable oils like soy and corn. This product is a new advancement in spray foam products by having high insulation properties and taking care of the environment at the same time.

Spray foam insulation is a premium application. Although somewhat more costly than other products, the project investment is still cost-effective, and well worthwhile based on the utility savings throughout the year. The bottom line, the return-on-investment is quick.

So to do a summary, the benefits that you will have contacting us to do the under slab insulation are:

  • Eliminates condensation and moisture on concrete.
  • Moderates concrete slab temperature.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Extremely strong compression rate.
  • Creates a thermal barrier between the ground and the concrete slab.
  • Provides an excellent vapor and radon barrier when the seams are taped.
  • Reduces heat loss by 57%.

For industry professionals, spray foam insulation has quickly become a preferred product. In new home construction, installing spray foam in the under-slab is also cost-effective – it’s a single-step process that’s completed just before the installation of the finished concrete slab.

When installed, spray foam seals and insulates as a continuous barrier. It bonds with almost any substrate, therefore being ideal as an under-slab application. More importantly, the spray foam envelope easily seals around plumbing, drainage, and mechanical infrastructure.

At Eco Spray Insulation, in-house energy experts highly recommend the installation of spray foam insulation in residential foundations and under-slabs. An ideal approach for home builders, contractors, architects, and installers, spray foam does it all with one install.

Working with us, homeowners are assured of highly trained installers, superior workmanship, and third-party warranties that ensure satisfaction. All of the products installed by Eco Spray Insulation are warrantied by the manufacturer. The main purpose of Eco Spray Insulation is to deliver 100% satisfaction. We will repair or replace an installation up to the industry standard. To find out more about under-slab spray foam insulation, You can always contact our experts at Eco Spray Insulation.

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