How Are Drafty Windows and Doors Repaired?

In winter, as outside temperatures plunge, drafty doors and windows have a dramatic impact on the indoor temperature of the home. Beyond the comfort factor for residents, energy dollars are simply being wasted. And while replacing drafty windows and doors with energy-efficient styles is the best option, this does not always fit into a budget. Alternatively, there are some short-term remedies that can resolve the situation.

Industry statistics show that effectively reducing window and door drafts can save upwards of 25% on energy costs. It means that every effort at preventing air leakage is worthy, and every investment makes economic sense. At Eco Spray Insulation, it’s about choosing the proper product for the job and doing the job right from the start. Eco Spray Insulation installs first-rate products for optimum results and high performance.

When it comes to resolving window and door drafts, Eco Spray Insulation clearly identifies the source and scope of the problem. Indeed, in some cases, effective window caulking and weather-stripping may well provide noticeable results from season to season. But air leakage may be more involved, affecting both indoor air circulation and even indoor air quality. Here, it’s important to identify the overall problem so that “fixes” can be offered.

One of the best diagnostic approaches with drafty doors and windows is the “blower door test”. For the team at Eco Spray Insulation, this is the preferred way to gauge where the air is leaking and to what extent. It also allows the team to recommend the best possible “fixes” – like air sealing, weather-stripping, or draft proofing. As industry professionals, Eco Spray Insulation guarantees their products and installations without reservation.

Eco Spray Insulation offers customers a free comprehensive home assessment – an expert evaluation of the home’s insulation positives and negatives. Best of all, Eco Spray Insulation will point out how to make upgrades that will save energy costs for the long term.