How Do I Stop Air Leakage?

In any home, large or small, indoor air movement must be controlled – it’s the only way to ensure energy efficiency for the home, and year-round comfort for residents. Conversely, undesirable air movement (and air leakage) will negatively affect indoor temperature, air quality, and comfort. More importantly, air leakage will negatively affect overall energy efficiency. It means that indoor heat will be escaping out in the winter, and outdoor heat will be entering in the summer.

Air leakage can occur in many forms, from window and door leaks to poor insulation in the attic and roof. The result is wasted energy throughout the year, and that’s simply wasted money on winter heating and summer cooling. Anything that can be done to remedy air leakage is a good investment, and at Eco Spray Insulation, identifying the source is always step one. Indeed, detecting the source and extent of air leakage will set the stage for appropriate remedies.

In some situations, resolving air leakage may be as basic as weather-stripping and draft proofing. But an air leakage issue may also be more involved – one that affects indoor energy efficiency, air circulation, and even air quality. For the team at Eco Spray Insulation, providing a “fix” is all about recommending a product and installation that will effectively resolve the issue. It’s about providing the “fix” that will ultimately save on heating and cooling costs for years to come.

In many residential homes, air leakage is focused at the very top of the home, where air rises and escapes. This is particularly true when the attic and roof have been insulated, but not well sealed. For the experts at Eco Spray Insulation, sealing is primary in solving problems caused by air leakage. And for Eco Spray Insulation, spray foam has become the product-of-choice and the key to success. When professionally installed, spray foam creates a super-efficient air barrier system that makes for an airtight space wherever applied. The result: effective control of air infiltration and exfiltration.