Top Garage Insulation Factors In 2023

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Many homeowners state that garage insulation may be an unnecessary expense due to the fact that nobody stays there, so the space is not appropriately used for them to invest in. Eco Spray Insulation garage insulation professionals suggest garage insulation to be one of the best home investments as the benefits you are going to take afterwards will be endless in number.  

In case you are looking or planning to conduct an upcoming garage insulation project but you do not know if your budget can fit, then do not hesitate to contact Eco Spray Insulation’s project manager and request a free and professional consultation along with a free project estimation. 

Why is Garage Insulation essential for your property?

The time when garages served only as locations to park cars and store clutter is long gone. They are presently utilized as workshops, exercise facilities, kids’ play areas, and a lot more.

Have you ever wondered or done some additional research on the benefits that garage insulation offers or its actual functionality? 

For the walls that are connected with the home and the attached garage, as well as the ceiling if there is a room above the garage, there may be building codes that mandate that such structures have a certain R-value. If the garage is unattached, there are no rules that you must go by regarding the insulation. Thus, some people claim that they do not understand why insulating their garage is necessary.

Eco Spray Insulation has prepared this blog for you, in order to inform you of all the details of this home project and answer any curiosity that you may have related the garage insulation and the advantages associated with it. 

High Saving on Energy Bills 

In general, energy bills are a common nightmare for the majority of Canadian homeowners. Insulation indicated a home project that offers huge savings and efficiently lowers the overall energy and utility bills. When it comes to garage insulation, in case you do not have proper insulation, you are obliged to turn on a heater in the winter and air condition in the summer when using garage space and spending most of your time in it. 

Garage insulation really benefits you as it helps lower electricity bills, and maintain a considerable and comfortable temperature without having the urge and need to turn up a heater or air conditioning.  

Sound Travel Reduction 

You have to know that when you insulate garage then you will mostly have a soundproof space. You will no longer be bothered by external noises. Insulated walls can help you prevent unpleasant noises, sounds, and exterior temperatures. As a result, you will have the possibility to turn your garage into an ideal space for mindful study and business work.  

Health Benefits

Carbon monoxide cannot enter your home from the garage due to insulation. These dangerous fumes, which are primarily created by your vehicles, cannot enter your home when the walls of your garage are adequately insulated. Hence, insulate garage walls as soon as possible if you wish to breathe clean air.

Property Value 

The value of your house is significantly increased by an insulated garage, especially if you intend to sell it.

Potential buyers may find this to be an appealing feature, putting them in a position to purchase your house quickly. The reason is that when people see homes with cutting-edge innovations, like an insulated garage, they tend to be attracted to them.

Safer Storage 

Many people choose their garage as a safe space where they put and store their personal belongings. A  non-insulated garage can keep a huge amount of moisture and humidity and as a result, can wreak havoc on these stored items. 

Furthermore, in case you own bikes or other metal vehicles, keep in mind that the humidity of your garage will increase the possibility and the chance of rust and this is a thing that can be prevented by correctly installing garage insulation. 

Prevent Cold from Entering 

In homes with attached garages, the cold can frequently enter via the garage. In spite of weather stripping, a garage without insulation might get chilly. This implies that cold air will penetrate into your house each time you release the garage door.

What is necessary to know about R-Values?

If air infiltration is present in your garage then, during the winter, the temperatures will be by far decreased. Good insulation is a good factor that will help prevent this and keep warm air inside whereas cold outside of your home.

R-Value generally indicates the level of insulation that is provided in your home and measures the actual heat flow. Keep in mind that the highest the R-Value the better the overall insulation performance. The level of insulation varies on the home area you are planning to insulate and the current climate. 

How much Thermal Insulation is required for your Garage?

The garage door has the same functionality as your home entry door. It directly affects the interior temperature of your house as well as the total energy costs. The appropriate R-Value of your garage relies on the following factors: 

  • Insulation → Comparing a poorly insulated garage at an R-16 thermal resistance to one that is properly insulated at an R-12, the latter should find R-12 to be an appropriate amount of insulation.
  • Attached / Detached → If your attached garage doesn’t have an R-value of at least 12, it will negatively impact your heating costs. Detached homes typically don’t have heating, thus they need less insulation.
  • Usage → An R-16 is advised if you wish to turn your garage into a room or if you have living space above it. A greater heat resistance value is required for the location if you and your family will be spending time there.

Which are some significant Signs that warn of a Garage Insulation Upgrade?

Insulation can offer a plethora of good things but it cannot stay in perfect shape forever. That is a prior reason why previous insulation may degrade over time and an upgrade is necessary for the overall property performance. 

Here are several techniques to determine whether your efforts would be worthwhile:

  1. Whatever the season, the spare room or room just above the garage is always uncomfortable.
  2. The insulation in the garage is deteriorating, flaking, crumbling, and/or sagging, and there isn’t any drywall there.
  3. The entire house may hear any disturbance produced in the garage.
  4. The door that separates the inside of the house from the garage radiates either heat or cold.
  5. Depending on the season, rooms that have garage walls are either too hot or too cold.
  6. Any flooring within the home that is close to the garage is particularly chilly in the winter, while the garage floor itself starts sweating in the summer.
  7. It has been ten years since you last insulated the garage or even looked at its insulation.
  8. You can feel drafts of hot or cold air coming through the walls around the power sockets and light switches within the house that is shared with the garage.

All of the aforementioned warning indicators point to the need to at least think about improving your current garage insulation or installing new insulation in the walls and ceiling of the garage.

What is the Best Insulation for Garage Walls and Ceilings?

There are various reasons to insulate your garage and there are also a couple of insulation materials that can be used to insulate your garage walls and garage ceiling. 

Spray Foam Insulation 

Spray Poluthearane is an efficient insulation material as it is highly durable, easy to install and lasts for a long period of time. As we previously mentioned general insulation can lower a home’s energy bills and can be environmentally friendly at the same time. Spray foam, as an insulation material is made from recycled materials that are derivable from renewable sources that can allow you to reduce the carbon footprint. With the energy you save, you will be contributing to the fight against climate change, which will eventually benefit the environment in the long run.

Spray foam insulation also provides a compacted coverage in spaces and prevents water from entering through tiny spaces and causing additional mold and mildew growth. Compared to other insulation options, spray foam is water-resistant and does not retain or absorb water which could lead to severe mold growth and water damage. 

Outside noise pollution can be unpleasant and upsetting when you’re looking forward to a quiet night in, regardless of whether you live in a metropolitan or a rural region. Spray foam insulation creates a tight seal in every area where it is installed, which reduces the amount of outside noise that can enter your home via the walls. 

Furthermore, with spray foam insulation there is no need to worry about mice or pests. They are mostly attracted by high humidity and moisture levels and are mainly found on wall separations inside your house. 

Pests like mice can wreak havoc wherever they go, frequently causing damage that costs thousands of dollars, particularly when they manage to chew through all the electrical wire. Yet because spray foam insulation is moisture-resistant and creates a tight seal in every spot where it is installed, it offers additional defence against pests that could otherwise have easy access to your house.

 What Cost Factors to Consider Before Garage Insulation?

The cost of insulating the garage will vary depending on its size as well as whether or not it is finished.Spray foam is used in place of insulation if the walls are exposed.

The type of material you pick will determine how much it will cost to insulate the garage ceiling and garage walls. Any items in the garage that the garage insulation professionals have to move, cover, or get around could have an impact on the final price.

Can an Uninsulated Garage cause Fire Damage?

Garage fire occurrences can happen due to oily rages, low-quality wiring ad lack of safety. You may lower many of these possible threats or at the very least prevent any fire from spreading before you can put it out by adding fire-resistant garage insulation. This is one of the causes for the term “fireproofing” that many people have for the insulation garage process.

When you consider the benefits, it seems unusual to not have an insulated garage. If you are planning to conduct an upcoming garage insulation project then do not hesitate to contact the Eco Spray Insulation garage insulation crew, as they are using premium products and top-notch technology equipment for offering the best insulation services in Toronto and across GTA Area. 

Our garage insulation installers are very knowledgeable about this kind of insulation service as well as respectful to complete insulation projects in a timely manner and at very competitive prices. Do not hesitate to communicate all the project requirements and expectations to our project manager either by dropping a quick service call or sending your own description via email at [email protected]

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