Benefits of Adding Spray Foam Insulation To Your Spring Checklist

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Springtime is the best season for most homeowners, after a long and tiring winter, to conduct certain services that will benefit the home’s overall structure and contribute to energy efficiency and cost savings. Home insulation, with spray foam insulation, is one of the most essential projects that can be performed especially in the spring season. 

Eco Spray Insulation has prepared this blog in order to deeply inform you about the advantages that spray foam insulation and how well it adapts to the spring season. Furthermore, in case you are planning to conduct trustworthy home insulation with premium products and continuous assistance, do not hesitate to call Eco Spay Insulation spray foam contractors who are always available to help you! 

Why choose Spray Foam Insulation for my property?

The best answer to a wide range of potential problems that can arise during the construction of a home is generally agreed to be spray foam insulation. Spray foam is actually much more than simply insulation, helping to prevent unwelcome pests, lower energy costs, and many more.

Spray Foam Insulation is one of the most effective ways to insulate your home as the insulation rate compared to other insulation materials and options is way higher and more efficient. 

What are the Major Benefits that Spray Foam Insulation Installation offers in Spring?

There are many advantages that spray foam insulation offers when installed in every Canadian home. 

Prepare Home for Summer Season

Did you know that having adequate spray foam insulation can cut your cooling and heating expenses by over 40%? Isn’t that a fantastic progression? It will soon be time to turn on the air conditioning because summer will arrive before you realize it. 

A home that is not properly insulated can allow cool air to escape from your home and lead to a rapid increase in your energy and overall utility bills. Insulating your home during the spring season means that you will be adequately prepared for summer and your home’s overall temperatures will remain cooler.  As a result, you will not be obliged to turn on the air conditioning all day.  

Handles Irritants 

Pollen and dust are two of the most awful irritants that have the tendency to thrive during the spring season. They are feeling very comfortable in homes that have improper insulation. The best thing you have to do in order to contribute to your home’s maintenance is to get your home insulated earlier and help all the outdoor pollutants and irritants outside your property. This will help you minimize them and create a long-lasting air barrier. 

Deal with Condensation, Mold and Dampness

Condensation occurs when hot air rises into the attic and combines with the cold air there, causing a temperature difference within the building itself. The resulting condensation may cause additional issues with dampness and mold in the attic area and the interior of your property. Mold growth is less likely since condensation cannot form within the building since the condensation barrier has been moved to the roof line. 

Spray foam insulation also lacks nutrients for mold to grow on and prevents moisture from entering the air, keeping it dryer and preventing mold growth. Those who are more susceptible to the germs and allergies that thrive in mould should be particularly careful to prevent the growth of mold.

Structural Integrity 

Improve structural integrity by immediately applying closed-cell spray foam insulation to the underside of the tiling. This unites the structure and the tiles together. Eco Spray Insulation will, however, add a layer of defence between both the foam and the tiles. This will make it possible to maintain and repair either the spray foam roof without negatively affecting each other.

Noise Reduction

Foam insulation can significantly lessen the noise entering a property if you reside in a noisy environment, such as next to a road or a flight path to an airport.  Eco Spray Insulation spray foam insulation provides excellent noise-cancelling qualities for both the exterior of your home and the flooring inside your building, which will lessen noise transfer between floors.

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Where can Spray Foam Insulation be installed?

Due to its exceptional adaptability and superior thermal insulation, spray foam insulation stands out. Spray foam insulation’s chemical components expand as they are applied, filling the area being insulated. Due to this, spray foam is the best material to use in intricate or small spaces around the house, such as the attic, the area around the floor joists, and other hidden places.

Insulate Basement

You must not overlook the foundation when insulating your house. Although the air in your basement might not be very hot or cold, the ground can still affect the temperature inside your house. Another essential to preventing moisture problems is basement insulation. You can stop moisture from seeping into your basement from the ground by covering the exterior walls. As a result, no matter the weather, your basement and the rest of your house stay dry and cozy. The additional moisture barrier also aids in humidity control and the avoidance of issues like mold and mildew. All of this enhances the quality of the air in your house.

Insulate Walls

Home insulation is necessary for both the inner and outer walls in order to maintain a comfortable interior temperature. Even with good insulation, air can still leak through the walls of your basement and attic. By insulating your internal walls, you can keep your home’s interior from experiencing temperature variations or drafts. Home insulation on external walls also helps your home’s energy efficiency by regulating temperature.

Working around wires, pipes, or ductwork may be necessary when insulating interior walls. As warm or cold air from the outside might get inside through the ducts, it is especially crucial to insulate the area around ductwork. Because spray foam spreads to fit all the unusual crevices and crannies, it is effective at insulating around these particulars.

Insulate Attic

An attic that is poorly or uninsulated is a significant source of energy loss, particularly during the winter. Insufficient attic insulation might allow hot air to escape as it rises. If the snow or ice on your roof melts and then refreezes, it will not only make your heating system work harder than necessary. Your home’s upper levels will be stuffy and hot in the summer if your attic is inadequately insulated. Because spray foam insulation expands to cover the voids left by irregular attic construction, it performs especially well there.

Insulate Crawl Spaces

Despite being much smaller than a basement, a crawl space should still be included in your home’s insulation plan. An insulated crawl space, like a finished basement, protects the pipes in and around the home’s foundation while preventing moisture problems and regulating temperature. Insulation for crawl spaces places a high premium on controlling moisture. This calls for airtight sealing, which can be achieved via an expanding spray foam application.

Whether or not your crawl area is aired will affect the sort of insulation you use there. Construction workers concentrate on the outer walls in unventilated crawl spaces. In order to keep the area dry, this strengthens the moisture barrier. Insulating the subfloor and floor joists is more crucial in vented crawl areas.

Can Spray Foam Insulation reduce my property value?

Spray foam insulation is one of the best insulators for both commercial and residential properties. As an efficient insulation material, polyethene foam can additionally keep our home temperatures really comfortable and this is because of its R-Value. Keep in mind that by installing spray foam insulation on your home’s floor, ceiling, walls, attic or garage, you are contributing to a long-term upgrade that will benefit not only your bills but also your efficiency plan. 

Spray foam insulation can last for ages, but to obtain it can be correctly installed and handled. Eco Spray Insulation spray foam contractors, can do it for you by respecting the Ontario Building Code which states that your home insulation has to be in compliance with the health and safety policy as well as energy efficiency regulations. Moreover, spray foam material, fortunately, does not deteriorate, sag or settle. This is obtained because of the chemical bonding that this home insulation material has and the powerful barrier it provides without a virtual air infiltration.  

Most homeowners frequently postpone home insulation until it gets too hot or too cold outside. This is a bad choice because going without adequate insulation for even a few days will drive up your energy costs and make you uncomfortable. 

The most proactive action a homeowner can do to maintain their property is to insulate their attic in the spring. Also, scheduling your home insulation in the spring will be simpler and more practical because you’ll have more time to do any needed maintenance before the summer season begins. You can solely trust the Eco Spray Insulation spray foam contractors for your upcoming spray foam insulation project! 

Our project manager is always willing to answer any insulation questions that you may have as well as offer you a free estimation. You can send your own home insulation description to [email protected] or drop a quick service call at  (416) 860-6664!

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