Top Reasons to NOT Do DIY Insulation Installation

Top Reasons to NOT Do DIY Insulation Installation

Eco Spray Insulation - Top Reasons to NOT Do DIY Insulation Installation

If your home requires insulation, it is probable that you have already begun with the research on the matter. As tempting as it might be to go and install insulation yourself, there are a few factors you need to consider before going on and doing so. Insulation installation may look like a simple process, but it is way more complicated than simply rolling insulation batts or spraying foam insulation on your walls. For beginners especially, initiating an insulation project yourself means that lots of mistakes can be made during the way. The various insulation products out in the market make it even more difficult to choose the right ones for your insulation project. Attempting to install insulation yourself may put you through uncharted territories, and that is why relying on insulation professionals would be the best option. Insulation technicians will test different sections of the building and so they will know what precise areas will need to be covered with insulation. If you would attempt to do it yourself, you might be missing crucial areas that require insulation. Insulation installation requires well trained technicians and professional equipment to complete the project in due time and with the highest quality possible. We are sure that there are plenty of DIY jobs which you can do yourself but insulation removal and reinstallation certainly is not one of them and here below we will explain why.

The Risks of Insulation Removal

Upgrading of the insulation might require that you remove the existing old insulation. As the case is with old insulation, it usually contains mould, moisture, animal waste, or what’s even more dangerous, it might be asbestos-contaminated. Leaving those areas untreated after removing the old insulation might compromise the effectiveness of the new insulation and also pose health risks to your home inhabitants. The old insulation removal and disposal process have its own risks on the other hand. Handling this process requires due care as new areas of your indoor environment might be contaminated during insulation removal and disposal. Professional insulation contractors on the other hand are well trained to effectively execute these processes: remove the old insulation, treat substrate surfaces from any dirt, mould, or possible contamination, install the new insulation and clean the area from any insulation waste.

Electrical and Fire Risks during Insulation

The greatest risk yet with DIY insulation is the risk of coming into contact with the energized part of your home. During the insulation renovation process, you have to ensure that the electrics of your home are given enough space to perform safely, without having to compromise the air sealing or the thermal corridors. Entering those crawl spaces to perform insulation installation might pose serious risks to you if you are not properly equipped or if the electricity has not been disconnected from the main source. Electrical fittings and their associated hardware on the other hand require having the necessary amount of space around them. This will allow for the heat to be dispersed before reaching the insulation or any other flammable material, preventing fires and electric shocks.  Supplying insulation around electrical installations requires the experience, tools, and equipment of a professional insulation contractor.

Advantages of Professional Insulation Installation

In the case of DIY insulation, small gaps might be missed or important areas might be left under-insulated, leading to significant energy loss from the building and discomfort in your indoor environment. Professional insulation installation on the other hand means that that your building’s envelope is properly sealed and your indoor environment is protected from the outdoor cold air and pollutants. Here below we will present you with the advantages of hiring a professional when it comes to insulation upgrading or replacement.

Safe Insulation Installation

Apart from walls and other easily reached locations, you will need to isolate other hard to reach places like ceilings, attic, or any other crawl spaces. These areas tend to be unstable and probably are not able to support too much weight. In the ceiling for example, under the existing insulation, there is usually only light ceiling material, which does not support the weight of a grown man. On the other hand, insulation installation requires the installer to wear personal protective equipment, which protects them from hazardous fumes and mists that can be released into the air during the installation process. Professional installers are well trained to safely handle the insulation installation and leave the area net and clean after the process has finished.

Proper Tools for Insulation Installation

When it comes to insulation installation, we are sure that the availability of proper insulation tools at your house is limited. Trying to handle the installation process with what you already have, might lengthen the insulation process and what’s less exciting, the quality of insulation won’t be the best.  On the other hand, if you decide to purchase a whole new set of equipment just for the insulation, it might have an adverse effect on your “savings”, had you contracted a professional contractor. Insulation technicians have all the necessary tools and PPE to perform the job quickly and with the best insulation result possible.

More Insulation Products Options

In the case of DIY insulation, you would probably go to your local hardware store and buy the only insulation products available to you. This means that you are not benefiting from a wide range of insulation products available to professional insulation contractors only. We can mention here some of the most effective and cost efficient insulation products supplied by SOPREMA, such as the new SOPRA-SPF 202. Professional insulation contractors will know what products are the best fit for your insulation project. They even get very good discounts on insulation products due to buying in bulk quantities.

Better Ventilation

Homes need not only to be sealed perfectly through insulation installation. They also need good ventilation for the house to allow controlled air circulation and thus, breathe properly. Let’s take an example. Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV) control the influx of fresh outdoor air by pre-warming it through the indoor warm air that is being discharged outside. This is a good solution to recover some 85% of the energy that is being lost due to ventilation. Proper ventilation will maintain a healthy indoor environment by exchanging overloaded indoor air with fresh outdoor air and also controlling the indoor moisture.

Lower Insulation Costs in the Long-Term

Though it might seem that by DIY insulation installation you will save on your expenses, in the long run, it might be quite the opposite. DIY insulation installation does not guarantee that all the air leaks, cracks, and gaps have been properly sealed and so the whole insulation efficacy is being compromised. Insulation that does not perform properly means that the building is losing more of the energy it was supposed to preserve. Energy loss means that the HVAC system needs to work for longer periods to maintain the desired indoor climate, which in turn means higher energy costs. In the long-term, insulation that is not properly installed, and ventilated might suffer moist accumulation and mould growth, which can compromise the whole structure of the building. As of the above, it results that hiring a professional contractor for insulation will be more beneficial than DIY insulation installation.

Better Quality of Insulation Installation

In the end, this is not just about installing the insulation properly. There are other factors also which need to be determined when it comes to home insulation. A professional contractor will determine first hand which areas require insulation, the type of insulation to be used, the R-value to be reached, securing proper ventilation, and installing air and vapour barriers as needed. They will also make sure that your insulation renovation project will comply with Ontario’s Building Code.

Choose your Best Home Insulation Option with Eco Spray Insulation

Properly installed insulation will benefit your home all year long, thus making it a very important project for your home renovation. As such, it is better to leave it in the hands of professional insulation contractors. At Eco Spray Insulation we have well trained insulation experts and technicians who will know to properly execute insulation installation from start to finish. Our insulation products are among the newest and the most efficient in the market. Our technicians will know what type of insulation material to be used for each area that requires insulation. Insulation installation processes on the other hand might be very messy. Our technicians will cover everything that does not need insulation and will clean all the exposed areas after insulation installation. Have an on-going insulation renovation project? Then give us a call at +1 (416) 860-6664 or send us an email at [email protected] with your insulation request and we will be quick to answer you with a free estimate and all the required information

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