Keep Cool in the Summer with Insulation from Eco Spray Insulation

Keep Cool in the Summer with Insulation from Eco Spray Insulation

Keep Cool in the Summer with Insulation from Eco Spray Insulation

Insulation works its magic quietly even in the heat of the summer. Usually, it is within the context of staying warm in winter when you read or hear about the advantages of strong insulation. This results in many of the advantages of summer resistance are often ignored, and the efficiency of homeowners in the hotter months is underestimated. It is rather important to look at how isolation improves a home throughout the year because you can see its full value.

The hotter months, the longer the days, the more dependent your air conditioner/HVAC system itself.

You can successfully reduce the energy efficiency costs and maintenance costs by making improvements to your home which reduce the stress on your HVAC system, such as adding grass isolation and improving airtightness. Your home will also become a quieter and comforting living room, with fewer drafts and a more consistent temperature in each room.

In the Summer, Your Insulation is What Keeps you Cool

Even when it may appear somewhat behind at first, your homes remain comfortable and consistent with the isolation. Your air conditioner may appear to be your real hero, but your insulation is the difference.

Just pretend you’re in a new independent workshop/study market for a moment. You wish to work in it during the summer heat to make the decision to add a portable air conditioner after it has been completed. Nevertheless, the hall is framed in wood and aluminum, making the insulation level extremely low. This also means you buy an ineffective and expensive air conditioner to operate because all the cool air flows from without easily.

The same idea can be applied to homes, buildings, and even large industrial facilities. The building envelope improves as insulation and airtightness improve. This means you can improve the efficiency of both your heated and cooled air while also lowering your utility bills. Also, as the summer months heat up, your new insulation upgrades will become even more noticeable as they help you beat the heat.

How Insulation Works to Beat the Heat

The general method for how insulation works to improve a home remains the same whether it is spray foam insulation or batt insulation. The goal is to provide thermal insulation, prevent unwanted airflow, resist fire, and prevent mould from growing. This is accomplished by successfully managing the three different modes of energy/heat transfer: conduction (energy transferred through a solid object), convection (energy transferred through the air), and radiation (energy transferred through light waves).

By controlling the three types of energy transfers, both heated and cooled air can be used to make a home more comfortable while minimizing energy loss. This means that a well-insulated home keeps the cold air from its air conditioner for a longer period of time.

With effective summer insulation and adequate airtightness, the result is a home that is more comfortable to live in, even during the hottest months, and has lower utility costs all year.

Attic Insulation Improves the Whole Home

When evaluating a home’s energy performance, or rather, its ability to provide a comfortable living space per amount of energy used, it is critical to consider the entire home as a functioning system – a system that involves many different factors cooperating with one another. This means that if one part of the house is changed or improved, the effects are felt throughout. In many Ontario homes, upgrading attic insulation is the most cost-effective way to improve overall energy efficiency, comfort, and utility costs.

The stack effect is to blame for this. The stack effect is magnified if a home is not sufficiently airtight and has inadequate insulation, particularly in the attic or basement. Because of how airflow in a home works, any heated or cooled air inside the home is replaced with undesirable exterior air by the stack effect. Warm interior air rises and escapes through any holes or leaks in the attic in the winter, causing cold exterior air to be drawn in from the building’s foundation. This causes your furnace to work harder, lowering your home’s energy efficiency and overall comfort.

The stack effect can be effectively managed in both the summer and winter by adding attic insulation and improving airtightness, helping to keep your heated and cooled air where it belongs – inside your home.

Why Basement Insulation Works For Your Home

By entrusting Eco Spray Insulation with the insulation of your basement, you are converting it into a conditioned space. Insulation prevents heat transfer between your home’s exterior surfaces, such as the foundation, and the outdoors. The more stable the temperatures in your basement, the more stable the temperatures throughout your home! Some of the advantages of basement insulation are as follows:

  • There will be no more cold floors in the winter.
  • Improved indoor temperature consistency
  • The “stack effect” has been reduced.
  • Reduced heating and cooling costs
  • Indoor drafts are reduced.

Some insulation contractors may claim that insulating the basement ceiling is all you need to do to insulate your basement — this is untrue! Insulating the ceiling may keep your floors warmer, but it will have little effect on the overall temperature of your home and may result in frozen water pipes and cold heating system distribution networks (air ducts or hot water piping). We discovered that insulating the basement walls is the best solution. Why, you might ask? Your basement walls are the most vulnerable to cold Canadian weather, including moisture intrusion, cold air drafts, and cold temperature conduction through the stone, brick, or concrete wall surfaces of your foundation.

By insulating the basement walls, you are preventing unwanted temperatures from entering your living space in the first place, rather than just preventing them from reaching your home’s floors.

Eco Spray Insulation – The Specialists

We take insulation very seriously at Eco Spray Insulation. That entails a commitment to high-quality installation and the use of tried-and-true products. Our skilled insulation installers can advise you on the best type of insulation to use for your specific application.

Eco Spray Insulation has you covered whether you are retrofitting with spray foam insulation, fiberglass batt insulation, or need old insulation removed. Also, if you want to beat the heat this summer with new insulation or home improvements, the Home Efficiency Rebate program offers up to $5000 in home renovation rebates to Ontario homeowners, making it even easier to see a return on your home investments.

If you want to see our installers in action, or if you’re curious about what an insulation upgrade/retrofit looks like, check our gallery, where you’ll find a slew of fantastic photos taken by our installers. If you have any questions about how to improve the insulation in your home, or if you want to see which rebate program you might be eligible for, please call us at (416) 860-6664, or visit our website and leave us a message, and our Customer Experience Team will be happy to assist you.

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