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One of the most common questions for spray foam specialists like Eco Spray Insulation is if spray foam is right for the job. And for Eco Spray Insulation, the answer is usually the same for all, spray foam has proven to be the very best approach to insulation, as part of the overall insulation system that is installed. Spray foam insulation is created by two materials isocyanate and polyurethane, when mixed with each other they react and expand after it is sprayed onto almost any material. 

When compared with other products and installations spray foam insulation is considered to be superior. Is very important to have the right applicators of this insulation because spray foam insulation unlike other types of insulation is not as simple as to unroll it. There needs to be an understanding of how it fills in cracks, how it expands and other benefits.

What are the Advantages of Spray Foam Insulation?

For many professionals, it’s their product of choice for roofs, attics, basements and garages. This is because a spray foam insulation in a single application delivers a number of benefits or advantages that are:

1. Thermal effectiveness Spray foam insulation combined with air tight, it enables heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems to perform more efficiently. It has a higher insulation value or R-value.

2. Air Tight – After the spray foam is applied it is blown out, mixing at the tip of a pressurized nozzle and sticks to the surface being applied, the combination of the very low air permeability and a sealed application process, insure a much tighter building envelope

3. Vapor Permeance  –  Spray foam insulation, closed cell provides sufficient vapour diffusion which means that spray foam  is capable of replacing both fiberglass insulation and the polyethylene vapor barrier.

4. Durability – The tests show that polyurethane sprayed as an insulation is tough and adds an element of structural integrity to the building. Spray foam will last the life of the building and is not susceptible to water damage.

5. Reduces Energy Consumption – Due to a poor building envelope, up to 40% of a building heat is lost. Spray foam seals tighter around windows, vents, doors, little nooks, to surfaces like concrete and wood.

6. Air Quality – Less pollution and water can leak into the building with the building envelope sealed tighter. The air is filtered through intake/outtake points.

7. Noise Reduction – Spray foam is effective at combating noise pollution between certain rooms within the building.

8. Quality Assurance – Should have certified installers and contractors the polyurethane spray foam companies.  These programs are designed to make sure that application of the product and the conduct of the company are kept in line with the standards set out by the product manufacturer.

Application Method

Spray foam insulation is not a home improvement project for the do-it-yourself, it is a challenging work and may be risky for someone without experience. A poor installation might need a total rework including removal, reinstallation and repair. This could be time consuming, expensive and stressful. It’s just better to do it right the first time, with experienced installers who are proficient and skilled and with the right products.

A professional installation is essential for spray foam insulation to perform at optimum. Building codes must be followed, the materials must be properly handled and there is absolutely no room for shortcuts. As well, the manufacturer’s product specifications must be respected, this is the only way that product performance can be ensured. A professional installation will also come with a sound reliable company guarantee. Spray foam through pressurized spray nozzles is pumped into the walls, crawl spaces, or attic, once it is applied it expands to form an insulation barrier. It fills the smallest spaces for seamless, durable insulation and eliminates energy-wasting air filtration. The installation lasts a lifetime and will not require topping up replacement or replenishment. Eco Spray recommends spray foam insulation for a variety of projects including under floors and inside walls.

When it comes to spray foam insulation, the team at Eco Spray Insulation are the experts. Customer satisfaction is primary to every project and above all Eco Spray Insulation is committed to doing the work right the first time around.

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