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If you are looking for high-quality insulation in Newmarket, look no further than our team at Eco Spray Insulation. We have years of experience providing Newmarket with residential services such as attic insulation and we take pride in our work. The roofing, walls, and ceilings of a home need some form of insulation to avoid heat loss in the cold months and to prevent heat from coming into the home during the summer. Insulation is like a barrier between the floors, walls, and ceiling of a home.

The Benefits of Blown In Insulation in Newmarket

Blown in insulation is found in either a cellulose or fiberglass form. It can be used in attics, roofs, and walls, both products are with similar R-Value while cellulose insulation is known to provide significant R-Values, it also tends to sink after time. But fiberglass insulation doesn’t settle over long periods, resulting in no loss of the insulation R-Value. The installation process of blown in insulation is very quick. It can be installed on top of older, still viable insulation as a top-up, improving its efficiency with the minimum disruption to your house.

These two insulation materials are both blown in into a cavity special equipment or machinery that is designed to spread the product uniformly. This process is done with a large hose that blows the product into the area that you want to insulate and ensures full coverage even into the smallest spaces. Blown in insulation provides improved energy efficiency that means the heating and cooling system will be better balanced and the HVAC system performs better and extends its life and also its efficiency.

When Should You Replace Your Insulation?

Older homes in Newmarket will need their insulation replaced because the quality of insulation has improved since the 1970s. An under insulated attic space means that your furnace and air conditioner needs to work extra hard to keep up with a demand that never ceases. But how can you know if your poor attic insulation is the problem? You should check your energy bills, in case that they are consistently high, it might be underperforming insulation that is causing you to lose cooled or heated air. If you are looking for insulation for your home attic, here at Eco Spray Insulation, we can install blown in insulation. Blown in insulation has a strong ability to insulate in whatever area that it is installed in. If it is installed incorrectly then your home will not stay warm in winter and cold in summer. And the air will be able to seep through cracks and penetrate air bubbles in the insulation.

Installing Blown In Insulation in Newmarket

Before and during the attic insulation process there are a lot of different components that need to be assessed and inspected. And if you as a homeowner are not sure what you should check you might miss some sort of damage which can make the insulation process harder. You might discover that you cannot reach certain areas of the attic. That is why it is better to hire an expert installer to do the job so you don’t injure yourself. The most common type used in home attics in Newmarket is cellulose insulation. It takes around 18” thickness of blown in cellulose insulation to reach the current code of R-60 in home attics.

Having an expert like Eco Spray Insulation to manage the installation of the insulation ensures that everything is being done correctly and there aren’t any issues being missed such as water damage or mold that may cause problems later on. We can identify potential or existing air leaks, ventilation problems and check that each part of the attic is in good condition.

Is Blown In Insulation a Good Investment?

Attic may not be an area that many people frequently use but it is extremely important to the home because it plays a major role in its efficiency. If the attic isn’t properly insulated, the heat that a homeowner spends so much money to produce and warm the house can escape right out of the roof. Blown in insulation regulates heat flow throughout your house in Newmarket so that the temperatures remain consistent in your home. And by keeping the temperatures consistent inside, you won’t need to turn on the cooling and heating system often which results in energy savings.

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Blown in insulation has a strong ability to insulate in whatever area that it is installed in. If it is installed incorrectly then your home will not stay warm in winter and cold in summer. In case you are looking for experts who provide quality services for house improvement projects, then Eco Spray Insulation is the best team for you. Our experience and knowledge will help ensure that you have a safe, high quality installation that will last you for years.  We use the highest quality products and as for the installation guarantee and full client satisfaction, this is something that we stand behind ourselves.

Here at Eco Spray Insulation, we are always happy to tell you more about our products and the blown in insulation process for your property in Newmarket. We will help you choose the right product for the application, by making sure that installation meets construction standards and local building codes. In addition to installing blown in insulation, we also offer insulation removal services.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can always schedule a site visit with one of our project managers. To request a free estimate for your home or business in Newmarket you can contact us at 1-416-860-6664, or by email at [email protected] and our Professional Team will be happy to assist you.

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