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The first thing to ask when it comes to insulation removal, is whether it is necessary. For the team at Eco Spray Insulation, insulation removal goes step by step – first, assessing if removal is required, second, assessing the amount of work and third, providing options for re-insulating. It is important to understand that insulation is not a DIY project.

Add Insulation When You’re Renovating

The best time for homeowners to make improvements to thermal insulation is often when doing major renovations. Upgrading insulation is a delicate procedure that requires knowledge and skill, there are best practices to be followed and some materials are more appropriate than others depending on which part of the building is to be insulated. One of the biggest factors in determining whether or not new insulation is “worth it” is how long you plan to stay in your home. The longer you live there, the more energy savings you will accumulate over the years.

Renovating provides two great incentives to update your insulation. The first benefit is that depending on the type of renovation you are doing, you’ll have contractors in your home anyway, full-scale renovations may involve tearing down walls or putting new ones in. Having your insulation redone at the same time can save you hassle and money. The second benefit is that most people renovate in one of the two circumstances, when they are planning on staying in their homes for a long time or they are planning to sell it. The potential savings are obvious in the first circumstance, while in the second circumstance, you might benefit from getting your home re-insulated if you plan on selling your home to someone who is looking for a green home.

Why Have Your Insulation Professionally Removed?

Under certain conditions, removing insulation may be hazardous, especially for the amateurs. There are several reasons why doing this yourself without adequate protection and expertise:

– Not everyone is familiar with the appearance of some potentially dangerous materials that make up older insulation, like older fiberglass products or asbestos. These materials can be very dangerous to work without protective equipment.
– Should rodents or pests haven gotten into your insulation, stirring up dust and fecal matter might lead to contracting potentially fatal diseases.
– Although it can be tempting to try to remove the insulation yourself, there is a very real chance that you could end up causing accidental damage such as stepping through your ceiling.
– Using experts like Eco Spray Insulation, really make a difference and helps avoid the risk of contamination, which can happen when trying to remove insulation material directly from the attic or crawlspace through the inside of the building rather than channeling it outside using a high-powered vacuum.

Insulation Removal and Re-installation from Eco Spray Insulation

Doing a complete removal is the best option because it allows for a clean start and opportunity to upgrade. Whatever the approach, contaminated insulation removal is best handled by professionals like Eco Spray Insulation. This will ensure that all the work is done, with the right equipment and tools and safely.

In case that asbestos insulation is uncovered, there will be no other option but to contract an asbestos removal specialist, a contractor who specializes in working with asbestos. In these situations, there are defined protocols for disposal, removal and safety procedures. Is far too risky for health to handle asbestos insulation without the right expertise. But on the other hand, in cases where insulation begins to decay or is damaged by animals or mold our team at Eco Spray Insulation is trained and certified to remove your insulation.

How Much Does it Cost to Remove Insulation From the Attic?

If you need to remove old insulation from your attic, you might be concerned about the cost associated with this kind of renovation project. Each attic has its own needs, there are a few factors that affect the price of an attic insulation removal: 

  • shape – irregularly shaped attics may take more time
  • amount – how much material needs to be removed
  • contamination – insulation contaminated with asbestos or mold may require advance safety procedures

These factors are the reason why we do free assessments and quotes at Eco Spray Insulation, this gives you an idea of what sort of work will need to be done, as well as the benefits and positive changes that will come post-removal. Those benefits that make attic insulation removal so valuable.

Need Your Old Insulation Removed? Contact the Experts at Eco Spray Insulation Today

The Eco Spray Insulation team specializes in attic insulation removal and re-installation jobs. We’ll examine your existing insulation and make a recommendation about removing or replacing it. We will get rid of your insulation in the safest way possible, whether we’re dealing with batts or blown-in insulation. Our experts will determine the right R-Value and insulation solution for your project so you can save money and live more comfortably all year long.

One thing’s for sure: using Eco Spray Insulation for insulation removal will save you a ton of time and money versus doing it yourself. If you’re ready to remove insulation from your home or building, give us a call at +1 416 860 6664 for a free quote.

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