Attic Insulation Removal in Vaughan

Whether your house in Vaughan is old or new, attic insulation is the single most important home renovation you can choose to do. At Eco Spray Insulation, our experience installing insulation over the last decade has given us the skills and knowledge to help you ensure your old insulation is thoroughly removed and that your new insulation material is installed safely and correctly.

The Importance of Attic Insulation Removal in Vaughan

Damaged, old or contaminated insulation will compromise the thermal performance and even cause additional problems. A sign that insulation isn’t working effectively is when your energy costs rise above normal. This means that the attic is leaking and therefore losing air conditioning in summer and losing heat in winter. Old insulation may be residual asbestos that was installed decades ago.

If in the attic is too much insulation will compromise attic ventilation and may lead to mold developing. Also, a poorly sealed attic could contribute to moisture accumulation, which could result in the mould build up. When it comes to insulation removal in Vaughan, our professionals at Eco Spray Insulation offer a practical approach for residential homeowners, they assess whether removal is required, they gauge the scope of work and then they provide viable options for re-installation.

Taking Advantage of Attic Insulation Removal During Planned Renovations

It is ideal to remove attic insulation when you are already doing renovation or repairs to your home. It will give you the opportunity to receive a few additional benefits which are:

  • it allows you to make changes or retrofits to help your new product perform to its optimal level, such as by fixing leaking or installing soffits.
  • since we can work alongside other contractors, it gets you back into your routine faster
  • also allows us to thoroughly air seal any gaps and gaps in your attic ensuring you great energy efficiency.

Eco Spray Insulation employs advanced “cleanup” equipment that efficiently cleans a space and ensures total removal and safe disposal. Our professional technicians use specialized vacuum units that eliminate waste materials to an exterior disposal setup, they ensure that the jobsite is completely debris-free and ready for reinstallation.

Attic Insulation Removal will Require the Experience and Expertise of a Pro

Here, Eco Spray installers can determine if new insulation can be effectively installed over existing insulation, or if there is a need for complete removal. We use specialized vacuum equipment to remove old insulation, next the attic is thoroughly cleaned and no debris is left behind. All the holes are patched and the space is inspected so that any problems can be repaired. And once the attic is in the best possible condition, the new product is safely installed.

Working with a professional insulation installation team means that you benefit from our years of experience working with all kinds of attics. We always recommend the professional approach because not only you benefit from our knowledge, skills and training, your new insulation product is guaranteed to be installed correctly. You should know that many DIY projects end up spreading contamination further, causing damage to your home.

Can you Install New Insulation over Old Insulation?

In case your old insulation hasn’t been affected by water, pests, or mold, probably it doesn’t need to be removed. But that doesn’t mean that it is doing a great job either. Some types of insulation, like blown-in insulation, can simply be installed on top of older insulation, negating the need for attic insulation removal in Vaughan while adding to your home’s ability to withstand the changing weather conditions. 

With an insulation expert on hand, all issues and problems can be sourced, addressed, and repaired. With contaminated insulation, the source of the problem must be identified and a remedy must be expedited. Here, at Eco Spray Insulation our professionals will also recommend proper air sealing before installing any new insulation, air leakage will compromise insulation performance and energy efficiency.

After Removing Existing Insulation – Air Sealing is Essential

In every home, air flow impacts moisture in the air, air pollutants, contaminants and even oxygen levels. After removing insulation, it makes sense that air sealing would be a logical next step. Usually, the attic floor requires sealing to effectively close existing gaps, holes and cracks. So, when the attic floor is properly sealed, airflow is controlled between the inside of a home “conditioned space” and the outside of a home “unconditioned space”. The first professional approach is properly air sealing before re-insulating, it will assure peak performance throughout.

Can Blown-in Insulation Be Removed?

Removing blown-in insulation is a messy, difficult and often dangerous work that should be done by a professional contractor and not by someone without experience. The removal of blown-in insulation must be done right so that all remnants of old insulation are removed. A large capacity shop vacuum sucks out the small pieces of insulation, this makes them easier to remove and clean up. For the average homeowner, the risk of contaminated materials or airborne particulates is too hazardous, so better safe than sorry. Eco Spray teams are trained to remove all types of insulation, including blown-in insulation, and can make a safe and thorough attic insulation removal in Vaughan easy and mess-free.

Eco Spray is the First Choice for Attic Insulation Removal in Vaughan

Here at Eco Spray Insulation, we offer insulation removal through an industrial vacuum process to remove it quickly and economically so your attic can be insulated properly. Also, our professionals will look at the cause of moisture/mold issues if we are installing insulation after removal. Our priority is to provide a solution to the problem so you can rest assured it doesn’t return.

If your previous insulation is determined to be vermiculite, Eco Spray Insulation has the expertise to handle removal of this whether it has been deemed as asbestos containing or not. So, if you’re ready to remove insulation from your home or building in Vaughan, give us a call at +1 416 860 6664 for a free quote or by email at [email protected].

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