Attic Insulation in North York

At Eco Spray Insulation, we can help you choose the right product that will bring your house greater year-round efficiency and comfort. The two products that we specialize in are spray foam and blown-in insulation, which are both ideal for attics, one of the most forgotten and underused spaces in our homes.

Installing Spray Foam Insulation in the Attic and Roof

At Eco Spray Insulation, the experts regarding attic insulation in North York, recommend a high performance spray foam product. Because it is an application that ensures air tightness, thermal integrity and moisture control. Spray foam must be professionally installed, it is considered the best return on investment when compared to other installations.

With spray foam, the annual savings can actually “pay down” much of the original installation cost. A house becomes substantively more efficient, reducing heating and cooling costs very significantly. Air quality is enhanced and air circulation is improved. Also air moisture is more controlled preventing unwanted accumulation.

Energy Efficiency is Directly Related to Your Attic

Attics provide an excellent addition to homes by increasing storage space and in some instances. But attics that are not maintained will decrease the home’s efficiency energy consumption considerably. Usually, houses leak the most air through gaps or cracks in their building envelope, and when the heat rises, this may leave upper rooms or ground cold and drafty or in the summer, humid and hot.

The best way to insulate the attic is by using one of the top products currently on the market which is spray foam. It is known for its exceptional insulating capabilities, ability to insulate against sound, and against pests and moisture.

Long-Term Benefits and Bonuses of Spray Foam

Using spray foam for your attic in North York, will keep you and your family comfortable, but it also has a number of benefits beyond insulation that increase your home’s value in the long run. Spray foam as it cures hardens and forms a barrier around your house that reduces the need for a separate moisture barrier. It fits better into smaller spaces that traditional insulation struggles with and also stops hidden moisture from coming into your attic, over the long term these benefits can make a huge difference on home maintenance bills.

Replacing your attic insulation in North York

At Eco spray, we recommend spray foam for attic insulation in North York, which can help you save money on your energy bills and bring greater comfort indoors. There are types of insulation that can degrade over time, made up of small fibers or hard foam that don’t seal well, these are susceptible to age and damage from pests, moisture and construction.

If you want to replace your attic insulation with spray foam in North York, it won’t break down or degrade, it doesn’t need topping up over time. Once that spray foam is installed, there is no need to check up on it or worry about replacing it with a better insulated house.

New Insulation Will Save You Money

Old insulation is often damaged or compressed which leaves you vulnerable to heat loss and the kind of structural and comfort issues that a lack of insulation brings. Upgrading you attic insulation in North York, will help you save money on your monthly hydro and utilities bills by making your house energy efficient. Attic insulation seals gaps that could be causing conditioned air to leak from your home, spray foam helps your house to work as it should, so that the furnace or air conditioner has to work less hard to keep the thermostat level.

Choose Eco Spray for Attic Insulation in North York

Our goal is to complete customer satisfaction. Eco Spray is committed to high standards of installation with manufacturer warranties and with a money-back guarantee. We will recommend a product that will best suit the needs of your house and deliver optimum performance. Our professionals undergo ongoing training to remain at the top of their field and have experience with residential, agricultural, commercial and recreational properties, giving them a breadth of knowledge when it comes to the unique needs of your home.

If you’re considering insulating your attic in North York, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service representatives at Eco Spray Insulation at +1 (416) 860-6664 or by email at [email protected].

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