Why Should I Use Spray Foam?

Many homeowners are puzzled about which insulation to install, and particularly if spray foam is the best way to go. True, there are number of product options to choose from, but more and more professionals are recommending spray foam as the install that delivers the best results. Spray Polyurethane Foam has proven itself, time after time, to do more and perform far better than any of the comparable products that are advertised and marketed today.

Professionally installed, spray foam provides optimal energy efficiency by protecting a home (the building envelope) against heat loss. It means that indoor heat during wintertime will not leak out. And it means that outdoor heat during summer will not creep in. The result: heating and cooling equipment have to work less, and energy consumption is reduced from season to season. A good spray foam installation will save substantial dollars annually.

Spray foam does far more than just insulate – it brings moisture under control. And according to the experts, some 60% of heat loss in home results from the movement of moisture-laden air. When properly installed, Spray Polyurethane Foam creates a vapour barrier that stops moisture accumulation and movement, and therefore reduces heat loss. This is one of the big advantages that spray foam has over the other, more basic, insulation products.

Another advantage of spray foam is it’s distinctive ability to seal a space airtight – this ensures the optimum in thermal insulation and makes for R-Values that are hard to match. But even the best product will not perform if not properly installed. This is especially true with spray foam. These are advanced chemical compounds that require expert handling, and the highest standard of professional installation. Spray foam is not a DIY weekend project.

For Eco Spray Insulation, a professional approach to installation is key on every project. Eco Spray Insulation crews are highly trained and certified – and every product and installation is guaranteed.