How Do I Stop Drafts?

Drafty doors and windows have a big impact on indoor temperature, especially during the cold of winter. Clearly, it’s uncomfortable for homeowners to experience cold drafts, but beyond that, heating is being wasted, and that’s simply wasting money. One option is to completely replace the home’s windows and doors with energy-efficient versions, but that can often collapse the budget.

There are also some less expensive options with very effective results. The point is, every retrofit that stops cold drafts and air leakage is worthwhile – and it always reduces energy usage and saves on utilities.  For the team at Eco Spray Insulation, draft proofing is about using the right product for the job and striving for optimum performance with the appropriate installation.

With drafts, the Eco Spray Insulation team begins by identifying the nature of the problem, whether it’s the doors and windows, or an attic that is just poorly sealed and insulated. And while some remedies might be as simple as weather-stripping or draft proofing, there may be more issues to address, and other “fixes” to consider. What’s important is to do it right, and to ensure good long-term results.

Quite often, diagnosing drafts is best accomplished with a professional “blower door test”. For Eco Spray Insulation, this is a preferred option for locating drafts and recommending remedies. Eco Spray Insulation also offers a free home assessment – it’s a professional appraisal of the home’s energy efficiency performance. This remains the best approach to identifying a home’s weak spots.

For the team at Eco Spray Insulation, it’s important to recommend fixes and upgrades that will save energy while delivering annual dollar savings on heating and cooling. With Eco Spray Insulation on the job, homeowners can rest assured that the highest quality products are being installed, and all work is guaranteed.