How Do I Remove Insulation?

When it comes to insulation removal, the first thing to ask is whether it’s necessary. For the team at Eco Spray Insulation, insulation removal goes step by step – first, assessing if removal is required; second, assessing the amount of work; and third, providing options for re-insulating. For the average homeowner, it’s important to understand that insulation is not a DIY project.

Under certain conditions, removing insulation may be hazardous, especially for the amateur. For example, in some old homes the insulation may have contained asbestos or vermiculite. Today, these are considered harmful and dangerous, and professional removal is recommended. For Eco Spray Insulation this type of insulation removal necessitates special clean-up equipment and thorough disposal.

By any definition, insulation removal requires expertise. Eco Spray Insulation crews are trained and experienced. They use advanced vacuum equipment and a specialized disposal system to ensure a complete clean up. Simply put, the average homeowner is not properly prepared to handle the job. More importantly, with the potential health risks, this is work that is best left to the professionals.

While it’s true that “do-it-yourself” options are accessible today, insulation removal is far better handled by the experts, even with the inherent project costs. The work is labour-intensive and time-consuming, with many uncertainties during the removal process – everything from animal waste, to mildew deposits, to mold infiltration – none of which figure well for the amateur.

As much as Eco Spray Insulation specializes in insulation removal, the next steps are also important. Here, proper repairs and re-insulating will be essential in ensuring the best possible outcomes. From sealing to insulation to ventilation, it’s all part of a “system” that will make for better energy efficiency in the home, and more comfort indoors from one season to the next.

Whatever the scope of the project, Eco Spray Insulation always warranties their work and all of the products that are installed.