Can I Paint Over Spray Foam?

Painting over spray foam insulation is not a straightforward undertaking. And although it might be a way to improve the overall appearance of an insulated space that has not been covered with drywall, much care must be given to the paint and the application. For example, oil-based paints or solvent-based paints may actually damage the spray foam, and may even cause an unexpected chemical reaction. The overriding rule is to be careful – and to probably seek professional help. 

Before painting over spray foam it would be wise to check if local building codes require any type of fire barrier to protect adjacent living areas. Most often this is accommodated with drywall that completely covers the insulated space, and is all ready to paint. There are some paint products and coatings specifically designed for spray foam insulation, but here again, the best approach is a professional approach – someone with the experience and expertise to do the job right.

Like other building and construction materials, spray foam insulation can be combustible under certain extreme conditions. That’s why regional building codes insist on installing a fire-rated separation from any occupied living space. So the bigger question is why paint overspray foam in the first place. Putting aside any advice that comes from the local home improvement center, the wisest thing to do with spray foam is to ask the insulation professional that installed it originally.

At Eco Spray Insulation, homeowners can rely on the best professional advice, from product options to installation methods. And when it comes to finishing the space, Eco Spray Insulation can suggest the best approach, whether it’s painting or drywall. Customer satisfaction is at the core of every job, regardless of size. And homeowners can always rest assured that all products are warranted and all installations are guaranteed.