How Do I Insulate Behind Drywall?

In older homes, insulating exterior walls was not a priority. Energy costs were less than they are today, and saving energy wasn’t that important. In most homes, insulating the attic and basement was enough, even with insulation that was adequate at best. Once the drywall was up, especially in the basement, there wasn’t much reason to improve or upgrade the insulation.

Today, homeowners want to reduce energy costs and cut their heating and air-conditioning bills. The answer is simple – better insulation – particularly in a space like a basement. The big issue, of course, is how to insulate a finished space without tearing it apart. For insulation experts like Eco Spray Insulation, the “drill-and-fill” method makes the most sense.

“Drill-and-fill” is an innovative method for effectively insulating finished walls. It’s ideal for walls (interior and exterior) that have been finished with drywall. By retrofitting these walls with new insulation, the benefits are evident – the home is much better insulated, energy efficiency is much improved, and seasonal heating and cooling bills are dramatically reduced.

With “drill-and-fill”, Eco Spray Insulation installers drill holes into existing drywall, making sure to target cavities that are behind the drywall. Then, loose fill cellulose insulation is blown into the drilled holes, whereby the wall cavities are filled with insulation. When the wall cavities are full of insulation, the drilled holes are patched, and additional drywall finishing can take place.

In residential homes where exterior walls feel cold, the “drill and fill” method from Eco Spray Insulation is a cost-effective solution. Professionally installed, the long-term benefits are well worth the investment: utility bills will be reduced throughout the year; heating and air conditioning will operate more efficiently, and home comfort will be noticeably enhanced around the home.

With “drill-and-fill”, products and installations are fully warrantied by Eco Spray Insulation, and complete customer satisfaction is a priority on every project.