What Renovations Will Increase My Investment Value?

The truth is, most home renovations end up being cosmetic and decorative. They might enhance the “presentation” value of a home when it comes time to sell, but real estate dynamics have far more to do with supply and demand than fancy granite countertops or a freestanding kitchen island. At the same time, there are genuine home improvements that actually do increase the value of a home, and for many reasons. High-quality insulation would easily qualify here.

A good example here is spray foam insulation – a more costly product and installation than other options, but well worth the initial investment and the long-term payback. Indeed, spray foam has to be applied ONCE, without the need to replace or replenish for the lifetime of the home. More than that, homeowners will save significantly on energy costs, with substantial cost savings on winter heating and summer air conditioning. These savings can often offset the original investment.

When spray foam is installed professionally, it provides enhanced indoor comfort throughout the entire home right around the year.  Beyond that, air circulation is improved, as is the air quality. All things considered, a home installed with spray foam becomes an attractive feature for the discriminating homebuyer. Although it may not be a deal breaker, quality insulation will ensure savings for the new homeowner – from short-term utility savings to long-term HVAC savings.

At Eco Spray Insulation, home energy experts can articulate the costs/benefits of installing spray foam insulation. The focus for Eco Spray Insulation is to provide customers with the best value possible, and the best return on investment. With spray foam, the long-term savings on winter heating and summer cooling can quickly “pay back” the original investment outlay. From product selection to the installation method, Eco Spray Insulation recommends the very best option, all based on the homeowner’s budget.