How Do I Fix Cold Drafts?

Poorly sealed doors and windows are probably the biggest cause of cold drafts. Needless to say, cold drafts have a major impact on indoor temperature and indoor comfort (especially in winter). Worse than the discomfort, cold drafts contribute to an overworked heating system, and heating that is simply being wasted. For some, installing new, energy-efficient windows and doors might be an option, but for many, this is something that won’t fit the budget.

In a typical residential home, there are several retrofitting options that have proven effective. But whatever the option, it’s clear that any retrofit that stops drafts is worthwhile. Regardless of the season, stopping drafts will reduce energy consumption and save on utility costs.  For the experts at Eco Spray Insulation, draft proofing is a process: identifying the problem; choosing the product that best suits it, and providing an installation that brings results.

As far as identifying the source of drafts, it could be anything from poorly sealed windows and doors to an attic and roof that isn’t airtight. With more simple problems, remedies might entail conventional weather-stripping and/or sophisticated draft proofing. But when there are bigger issues, other remedies must be considered. For Eco Spray Insulation, it’s important to do every job right, with the appropriate product and installation to ensure the very best outcomes.

Throughout the year, Eco Spray Insulation offers free residential home assessments. This is a professional energy efficiency assessment that measures the performance level of the “building envelope” – in other words, the positives and negatives of the home’s overall energy efficiency. It allows the Eco Spray Insulation team to accurately isolate the weak points, and make viable recommendations to resolve.  The idea here is to expedite remedies that will result in energy savings, whether on winter heating or summer air conditioning.