How Do I Decrease My Gas Bill?

Well-insulated homes are energy-efficient homes. They use less energy, especially during winter, and gas bills for heating are noticeably decreased. In short, getting a home better insulated is quite likely one of the best home improvement projects that any homeowner can undertake. With good insulation, the home is going to experience reduced utility costs (electricity, gas or both).

Properly sealing old windows and doors

Air sealing and draft-proofing old windows and doors will stop excessive “air leakage”. And when windows and doors are well sealed, heat loss is diminished, and energy is not wasted.

Insulating basements from wall to wall

Effectively insulating a basement serves to control airflow, diminish air leakage, and otherwise prevent moisture from accumulating – all in all, it will contribute to reducing gas bills.

Insulating exterior walls when possible

Exterior walls can be insulated to enhance energy efficiency in a home. There are a good number of retrofitting options that will enhance R-Values and significantly decrease gas bills.

Window films can reduce energy costs

Window films are specially designed to diminish solar heat. Properly installed, window films will allow the AC system to work less, therefore reducing the utility costs in summertime.

Properly insulating attached garages

When an attached garage is properly insulated, cold air cannot come into the house and warm air cannot leak out. It makes for much improved energy efficiency and reduced gas usage.

Good insulation for the attic and roof

The attic and roof is the dominant source of heat loss in a residential home. But when insulated properly, and with a good product, the attic and roof become far more energy efficient.

Eco Spray Insulation recommends an insulation product and installation that will best contribute to a home’s energy efficiency. Eco Spray Insulation professionals will seal and insulate a given space so that energy efficiency is optimized and energy savings are maximized. The result: substantial cost savings on gas and electricity around the year.