What are the Benefits of Insulation?

Today, many insulation products are designed to provide maximum performance and a full range of benefits. And while homeowner comfort is clearly one of the obvious benefits, energy savings are the most evident. With energy costs continuing to rise year after year, properly insulating the home is essential for energy efficiency and keeping seasonal utility costs in check. If homeowners demand winter warmth and summer coolness, then good insulation is going to be key.

  1. With proper insulation, the home’s HVAC equipment operates more efficiently
  2. Indoor room temperatures will be far better regulated throughout the seasons
  3. Improved heating and cooling cycles will make for much-reduced utility bills
  4. Good insulation will also provide better indoor moisture control and comfort
  5. Some insulation products will diminish the outdoor noise and dampen sound
  6. The higher-quality insulation products will impede mold and mildew growth
  7. Some applications (like spray foam) will serve to enhance structural strength

Insulating a residential home is one of the best home improvement projects that a homeowner can undertake. Unlike a washroom renovation or a kitchen upgrade, home insulation will actually result in dollar savings. Winter heating bills and summer air conditioning bills will be markedly reduced. And when high-quality insulation products are installed, like Spray Polyurethane Foam, the “return on investment” makes the initial project cost well worth the investment. 

Home insulation is primarily about improving energy efficiency. For the team at Eco Spray Insulation, the important thing is to recommend a product and insulation installation combination that will deliver the most mileage for a homeowner. Eco Spray Insulation installs only the highest quality products, along with a standard of workmanship that is hard to match. Products and insulation installations are warranted and customer satisfaction is assured, regardless of the size or extent of the insulation job.