Most Unique Uses for Spray Foam Insulation

Most Unique Uses for Spray Foam Insulation

Most Unique Uses for Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam is most typically used to keep temperatures and environs healthy in homes and businesses, but did you know that its benefits may also be applied to a variety of other industries?

1. Spray Foam Your Van

We’ve gotten this request a few times now, and we’ve gotten really good at spray foam insulation inside hollowed-out vehicles. Depending on the cargo (some people opt to live in them), your van will be much better at maintaining a consistent climate. If you have a van that needs to be insulated, we recommend contacting us to ensure that everything is done correctly.

2. Enhance Your Arts and Crafts Projects

Surprisingly, spray foam insulation may be used for a variety of arts and crafts projects, and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. It can be used as an adhesive for miniatures or dioramas, as a technique to add support to fragile objects, or sculpted and painted with great success. This makes it ideal for backgrounds, faking rocks and trees, and any other fun projects your imagination can come up with!

3. Build a Homemade Cooler

If spray foam insulation can keep you warm in the harshest of winters, it can also keep your drinks cool in the warmest of summers. If you have any old plastic bins hanging around that aren’t being used, you might easily construct a portable homemade cooler.

The first step is to spray a thin layer of spray foam inside your plastic bin and lid, then wait for it to set completely (the packaging should have instructions for how long it takes). Take a sharp knife and cut off any areas that have expanded too much once it has hardened, and try to make the bottom as flat as possible.

Finally, use a couple pieces of aluminum foil to line the inside of your new cooler, making sure no spray foam shows through. This will keep your drinks chilled while also keeping them separate from the foam insulation.

Just make sure you’re using closed-cell spray foam, since it’ll be more resistant to condensation and spilled liquids.

4. Spray Foam Your Driveway

Spray foam insulation, also known as foam jacking, can actually elevate and level concrete to produce a smooth driveway surface. It aids in the prevention of your driveway sinking into the earth. Spray foam creates a barrier between your driveway and the ground underneath, preventing sagging and cracking. We are frequently questioned about this little-known service, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

5. Transform Your Treehouse

It goes without saying that having a treehouse is fantastic. However, as the elements steadily eat away at them, they can become a little worse for wear. They may also be visited by a variety of unwelcome visitors, such as ants or termites. You can successfully reduce the number of ants that find their way into your family’s treetop vacation while also preventing the flooring from groaning with some smart application of spray foam. The goal is to block the obvious and simple entry points for them, such as the side nearest to the tree.

Spray foam insulation, if your treehouse is capable of being fully enclosed, could make it usable for longer periods of time throughout the year, as it will be more comfortable inside and better protected from the elements and harsh weather conditions – similar to how attic insulation improvements can significantly improve a home’s level of comfort.

6. Organize a Home or Work Office Space

Using a dab of spray foam as a portable pen organizer is a quick tip that might come in handy in an office setting. To do so, spray a small amount of foam onto a flat surface (such as a piece of paper) and let it cure entirely. Once the foam has completely set, take it away from your flat surface and poke small holes in it to attach your pens in place. 

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