FAQs Attic Insulation

Q: How long does the attic insulation evaluation process take?

In case you are planning to conduct an insulation attic project at your property then the inspection process might be short based on the size of your home’s attic. If you are planning to insulate further home areas then the evaluation process will be far more time-consuming.

Q: Is Attic Insulation a DIY insulation project?

Many homeowners believe that these types of insulation for homes can be done via DIY methods, techniques or kits. Unfortunately, attic insulation has to be conducted by insulation installers who have a certain experience with it. Attic Insulation installation requires various tools and products that only professionals can offer to you. Eco Spray Insulation’s insulation installers are constantly using eco-friendly products and the latest technology equipment and can support all types of attic insulation.

Q: Are any health risks or effects because of a poorly insulated attic?

A poorly insulated attic can lead to a series of serious issues such as an unexpected increase in energy costs, decreased indoor air quality, respiratory problems, skin irritations, high risk of cancer and many other severe health hazards. In this situation, professional insulation installers are needed to do proper and efficient attic insulation removal and install premium insulation attic. Eco Spray Insulation can do this job for you in no time just by calling (416) 860-6664!

Q:  Do I have to leave my house during Attic Insulation?

In fact, this depends upon you but you don’t have to leave your house when insulation installers are working. There may be some noise on the first day as Eco Spray Insulation attic installers will work to remove your old attic insulation as we walk around the attic, remove old material, and use our vacuum. The cleaning and insulating procedure, however, is relatively silent. Beyond that, you may rest easy in your house while we operate in your attic thanks to the courteousness and professionalism of our team.

Q: How much money will the new attic insulation installation save me?

Attic insulation can save an average of 40% of your annual utility bills. But you have to know that attic insulation is not the only factor that affects your monthly bills. Your climate and the style of your home are some other factors that affect it as well. Upcoming attic insulation will not only save you money but will also contribute to your attic’s well-being and good shape and your home’s healthy environment and maintenance.

Q: Which types of attic insulation should I consider for insulating attic?

The most relevant attic insulation types are spray foam, fiberglass batts, cellulose and loose-fill fiberglass. These are the four high-considered attic insulation materials.

Q: Which can be an overview of attic insulation R-Value?

Understanding the R-Value, the metric used to measure the effectiveness of insulation is a necessity for having a meaningful discourse regarding good attic insulation. The ability of a material to resist heat transfer or heat loss is measured by the insulation R-Value. The following four elements typically have an impact on a material’s R-Value:

  • Thickness 
  • Density
  • Type of Material
  • The place and method of installation

An attic’s ability to block heat transfer and prevent your house from becoming a sauna or an iceberg in the winter depends on how high its total R-Value is.

Q: How much attic insulation does my home’s attic need?

Air enters and exits attics without homeowners knowing it. In turn, bank accounts are losing money immediately. The following variables affect how much attic insulation is necessary:

  • Number of walls
  • Number of windows
  • Number of doors
  • Length and width of walls
  • Length and width of windows
  • Property’s climate zone

Q: How can I get ready for attic insulation?

When you decide to replace the attic insulation, you need to prepare the area so the attic installation proceeds easily. Clear a path from the attic to the exterior to enable the experts to quickly take away what is currently there. The attic should be cleaned out next and if that’s not possible, push any leftover stuff away from the walls.

Q:  Does R30 insulation work well in an attic?

If you want to know if R30 insulation is suitable for attic insulation, there isn’t a universally applicable option. The answer relies on a number of variables, including the location, the climate, and the unique features of the attic area. In most areas, R30 insulation, however, is a good option for attics. It offers a lot of insulation, keeping the attic area cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Many homeowners find R30 insulation to be a cost-effective attic insulation choice because it is also reasonably priced. Depending on your situation, R30 insulation may or may not be an appropriate attic insulation option.

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