How to Insulate a Garage

Eco Spray Insulation - How to Insulate a Garage

Why Should I Insulate a Garage?

There are many benefits to insulating a garage that may not come to mind right away. For example, energy conservation is a huge plus, as you’re able to maintain a more consistent temperature. In turn, you don’t have to overwork your A/C unit which can lower your energy bills. Further, insulation acts as a sound barrier. The extra buffer can keep noise from the street and the home contained. Are you someone who performs a lot of projects in their garage that require power tools? Insulation’s soundproofing feature will keep you in the good graces of your neighbors.

Overall, we can show you some of the reasons why you should trust Eco Spray Insulation for this kind of project:

  1. We will make the garage usable. During the winter most garages sit cold and unused. Folks drive into the garage, close the overhead door, and make a beeline for the warm part of the house. Well, what if you could actually turn this part of your home into a usable space 12 months a year? Our expert will help you archive this.
  1. Adjacent rooms will be warmer. If the garage is simply above or maybe even below freezing that has a huge effect on the temperature of all adjoining spaces. Typically the garage links to the living areas of the house through the kitchen. If the garage is freezing cold, heat is going to be leaking through one kitchen wall into the freezing cold space and each time the door to the garage is opened it’ll be like opening a door on to the surface. Likewise, a bedroom above an uninsulated garage is sort of a bedroom sitting on a cube.
  1. A quieter home. Most homeowners aren’t aware just what proportion noise filters into their home through the garage. This is often very true if you reside in an urban setting. Much of this noise however is often effectively filtered out by insulating the garage. You’ll not only enjoy lower energy bills but a quieter home.
  1. Lower energy bills. Speaking of lower energy bills… A poorly insulated garage won’t only create higher heating costs during the winter but higher A/C costs during the summer months. even as heat is often siphoned off through the walls into a freezing cold garage so to heat from a stifling hot, poorly insulated garage will radiate through the walls into the home’s living areas.
  1. Enhanced home value. Adding insulation to the garage won’t only make your home less costly to heat and funky, it’ll also add substantial bottom-line market price to your home. If buyers have a choice between a home that costs X amount to heat and funky and a comparable one that costs 10% less to heat and funky which one does one think will attract the upper bids?Well, no worries! We at Eco Spray, with the professionalism that defines us, will make your home a valuable one.
  1. A more comfortable garage experience. Yes, getting into or out of your car within the garage rather than outside protects you from the driving rain, snow, sleet, and wind. It also makes the experience of transiting from your car to the house or house to the car safer. But if that garage is poorly insulated you’re still stepping out of your house into a freezing cold environment then into a freezing cold car. A properly insulated garage will make the transition from house to car and car to deal with a less striking one no matter whether it’s -20° or 100° outside.
  1. A happier, healthier car. By any reasonable measure, cars are pretty tough. But they’re also high-tech, precision machines that operate more effectively and efficiently in warm weather than they are doing within the cold. Storing your car during a freezing cold garage puts pressure on the battery, features a significant negative effect on tire pressure (and by extension tire function, safety and longevity), makes windshield wipers brittle and fewer effective and causes many of the fluids the car must operate at peak efficiency – including gasoline, power-assisted steering fluid, and transmission fluid – to thicken and lose effectiveness. The products that we use will save you money, time, and you will be safe at your house.

Advantages of Insulating Your Garage

  • You can use your garage year-round
  • Reduced transmission of heat and cold
  • Pipes and shared ceilings don’t leave many choices
  • Insulation protects your personal items
  • Protect your family from carbon monoxide
  • Noise transmission is reduced

How to Insulate a Garage with Spray Foam

For most homeowners, controlling their garage’s temperature may be a challenge. Keeping a continuing temperature during a room which features a door that opens several times each day , or is even left open for hours at a time, are often problematic.This is why you should call our experts and we will give you the most efficient solution and you will have benefits in long terms.Constant temperature fluctuations have the potential to wreck items like tools, cars, or toys stored within the garage. Further, a poorly insulated garage also can wreak havoc on energy bills.We have the best product of spray foam and a professional team which will assist you.

Spray foam insulation means installing a product that gives an air barrier, a vapour barrier and improved energy performance beat one. Homeowners looking to climate control their garage can see tremendous results with spray foam. To best affect exhaust in both attached and detached garages, closed cell spray foam is usually the higher option. Since spray foam insulation can form its own air barrier and vapour barrier, only the heat barrier is left to put in – which may be as simple as covering the spray foam with drywall.

How to Insulate a Garage with Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass insulation makes for an efficient, affordable, and versatile approach to garage insulation. it’s naturally non-combustible thanks to being made up of sand and recycled glass, and may be easily installed as batts. Fiberglass insulation also makes for excellent soundproofing, which helps keep garage noises inside the garage and break away your living spaces. Blown In Insulation is another choice for those who are looking for other options. 

To insulate a garage with fiberglass insulation, the primary thing you’ll want to think about is the area you’re insulating. For wall cavities, fiberglass batt insulation is both effective and affordable. However, for the harder to succeed in places, like rim joists, spray foam is probably going to be the higher option. In terms of garage insulation, both fiberglass batts and spray foam are often used alongside each other. In fact, they will both even be used within an equivalent wall cavity through the flash and batt approach that’s detailed below.

Benefits of insulating the garage ceiling:

These following six benefits just might convince you that it’s time to enhance the insulation, and perhaps even the warmth , in your garage.

  • Garages are used for far more than simply keeping your vehicle protected against the weather. Today you’ll usually find fitness equipment, play areas, project workshops, and more inside these spaces. If there are proper insulation and warmth, it ensures you’ll enjoy the space for any activity, regardless of what the weather could be.
  • In most homes with an attached garage, the entry door features insulation and weather-stripping. However, those measures don’t do any good if it’s extremely popular or cold. whenever you open the door, those conditions make their way inside your home, forcing your heating and A/C to figure even harder to take care of the temperature. If the garage is insulated, you’ll confirm you aren’t trying to combat the warmth or the cold. Our team will assure you of the long benefits that you will get from our job.
  • If you’ve got a laundry room or pipes that run through the garage, insulation and warmth are a requirement. Frozen or busted pipes are time-consuming, irritating, and may be messy and dear to repair. Additionally, if there’s an area above the garage, it’ll be subjected to whatever temperature extremes are found within the area below. This suggests that it might be difficult to sleep or maintain comfortable temperatures without incurring additional energy costs to battle the warmth or cold leaching into space through the ground.
  • Whether you employ the garage for storing seasonal decorations and items or for showing off collections, humidity causes rust, and temperature extremes may result in damage that greatly diminishes the worth of all of those items. If you want to use the garage just for parking the cars, we can insulate it with blown in insulation instead of spray foam. And you have two options: fiberglass insulation or cellulose. Cellulose is a better product because it is ecologic. Our team will explain to you the importance of the products and then you can choose.
  • Many vehicles today have remote start systems, and that they are fairly easy to interact with, especially if there are little ones within the home. Without insulation within the walls, any carbon monoxide gas trapped within the garage can seep into your home and have a significant impact on you and your loved ones’ health.
  • Do you sleep in a neighborhood where neighbors are close by? If so, your early morning within the workshop or your teen’s band practice can cause serious irritation to those that sleep in the immediate vicinity. Additionally, having an insulated garage also means you won’t need to hear all the racket happening around your home, like when children are out playing or adults are using lawnmowers and other equipment. Fiberglass insulation is an option for those who want privacy and no rumors.


We get it. There are tons of economic spray foam companies out there, all vying for your business. Deciding between all of them is often overwhelming. Our experts will make this thing easy for you. You’re getting our commitment that the products that we use, are going to be free from defect or fault. We at Eco Spray Insulation believe in taking the time to teach each and each customer the advantages of spray foam and other products. We’ll inform you each step of the way on what products are best and why they slot in your space. Good prices and therefore the better of the standard provided from our spray foam professionals.

With more knowledge of the products also as our recommendations, you’ll make better decisions on your insulation needs. Our products also will help to scale back your impact on the environment by reducing the necessity for heating and A/C. And another thing is that our products are Eco Friendly. Because we all know that you simply care about the environment.

So give us a call at (416) 860-6664 and you’ll get a free estimate for your house, or send us an email at [email protected], and that we are going to be very happy to assist you!

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