insulated home with spray foam insulation

Insulated home with spray foam insulation

For most houses, insulation is a practical and cost-effective way or method to achieve optimal efficiency while creating a cozy environment. Good insulation will deter cool air from leaving the home in the summer and will help prevent heat from escaping through the walls and roof during the winter. The efficiency of your home will largely depend on the insulation contractor who installed the material. If you make the mistake of hiring the wrong contractor and you will notice the results of his shoddy work within the first few months.

Insulation Is An Investment

The insulation in your house is an investment and should be treated accordingly. You wouldn’t attempt to remodel or demolish parts of your home without the tools to do it right and the proper knowledge. Why take matters into your own hands when equipping your home with the insulation it needs to maintain its functionality, environment, value, and overall quality? Put something as important as installing insulation because it is a long-term investment that should not be taken lightly.

When you hire a professional insulation company like Eco Spray, you eliminate the risks associated with shortcuts, guesswork, and incorrect insulation techniques. It is understandable that homeowners want to avoid the costs associated with a professional insulation installation service, but it is well with the investment to spend a little extra money to have it done right. Imagine the amount of money you would eventually spend paying off high utility bills, replacing water-damaged flooring, eliminating mold from your ceiling, and having all your poorly-installed insulation replaced if you did it yourself the first time, trust us when we say it just isn’t with the risk.

Why Hire a Professional Insulation Contractor?

Here are a few benefits of hiring an expert contactor.


If you are a do-it-yourself  or are considering hiring a family member or a friend with minimal experience or knowledge in installing insulation, the results will likely be inferior compared to the work a real professional can do. Experienced insulation contractors know how to avoid costly air leaks around your home and to fill every nook and cranny. They can also get the insulation project done efficiently and quickly to keep costs as low as possible.


Do you know what type of insulation is best based on your home design, climate, and area of the house? You could probably benefit from the knowledge and know-how of an insulation contractor. An experienced insulation contractor will know all the types of insulation, including what the brands offer the best quality for your dollar. In addition to a contractor’s skills, you are also paying for their knowledge, so do not be afraid to ask questions.

Proper Tools

You need specific tools when installing insulation, not owned by the average DIY-er. A professional contractor will have the correct tools in hand to get the job done successfully in as little as one visit. Depending on the type of insulation being installed, it is unusual to need tools such as chalk line, expanding foam sealant, drywall, caulking, a power-activated gun with fasteners and various other tools required for an expert install.


If you want to replace the insulation in your ceiling or walls, you will likely need to remove old insulation. As insulation is designed to trap dust, dirt, and various pollutants in its fibers, you can bet that your old insulation is hazardous.  In some cases, old insulation will also have mold growth or asbestos, requiring caution to avoid breathing in dangerous toxins. A professional insulation installer understands the risks associated with insulation removal and knows what safety guidelines to follow to minimize these risks. The installer will use precautions when removing old insulation such as wearing special eyewear or a mask.


When installing in your home, it’s important to not only look at the short-term picture but also the long-term. A good insulation contractor will help you optimize your energy savings by placing quality insulation that keeps hot air out during the summer and heat during the winter. An experienced insulation contractor depending on the structure of your home and on your budget can select and install insulation in places that would best benefit your home.


Old insulation is not something you can simply throw away in your trash, it is important to ensure that it is properly disposed of. Insulation disposal in most cases, should not be handled by the average homeowner, it requires experience. A professional insulation installer will safely bag up any old insulation and dispose of it in a way that meets local disposal regulations.

What Are the Consequences of Hiring a Low-End Contractor?

Hiring a quality insulation company will cost you more than doing the job yourself or hiring a low-end contractor, but the results are often worth the extra cash. You are putting your home and family at risk, when you hire a low-end contractor to complete the job. Inferior contractors may not follow disposal guidelines which could cause the toxins and pollutants found in old insulation to affect your home’s indoor air quality.

Low-end contractors are often more concerned about their bottom line than providing you with high-quality service. They may also choose to use lesser quality materials in order to earn a bigger profit. This lack of attention and professionalism to details is often evident in the business’s customer reviews. They may not install insulation correctly or there may be areas missing insulation.  

You can expect to lose a significant amount of energy efficiency, when insulation is not installed properly. Also you may notice that your energy bills are not lowered after installing new insulation. In some cases, if the installer failed to cover all essential areas your energy bills may even go up. You may experience air leaks resulting in a lower level of indoor comfort during the winter and summer months.

Why Contact the Pros at Beyond Exteriors?

If you need professional insulation installation in your home, contact the experts at Eco Spray Insulation. Since 2010, Eco Spray Insulation has been serving residents in the Toronto areas with high-quality home improvement services. You will receive all the knowledge of insulation methods, industry accreditation, professional standards, and the ability to recognize and offer solutions for problems that arise along the way.  
For more information about our services, to get an estimate or to schedule service, call us at: (416) 860-6664 or by email at [email protected].

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