5 Reasons To Top Up Insulation Attic in 2023

5 Reasons To Top Up Insulation Attic in 2023

Attic insulation especially in 2023 is the best step you can undertake for your property. A top-up insulation attic will help you effectively protect your house from extreme temperatures or severe moisture damage while reducing any upcoming cooling and heating costs.

Insulation acts as a barrier in order to prevent the transfer of heat from the interior to the exterior of your house, especially in winter or from the exterior to the interior in the summertime.

You may wonder what is attic insulation or how you can top up insulation or what your attic R-value means or even about attic insulation cost. Eco Spray Insulation has taken care of these questions that may cause you anxiety and uncertainty. So, take a quick look at this blog or just call one of our company representatives at (416) 860-666, as you will find all the kinds of answers you desire about insulating your attic.

Why Choose to Top Up Insulation Attic for Your Home?

Attic insulation is responsible for a lot of things related to your property and that is why you should show special attention and understand its importance.

Some benefits that you can gain if you add insulation to your attic would be:

Safer Home Structure

Each house can experience gradual damage due to moisture and heat. By choosing attic insulation you help prevent water vapor from seeping in and destroying your walls. Furthermore, attic insulation can slow down the heat buildup of our attic, and this is a prior factor, that causes shingles on your roof and make it swell and crack or even cause plywood on your deck. It stops ice dams from developing when melted snow refreezes on the edge of your roof. Additionally, by insulating your attic, you can avoid mold growth, which prefers cool and moist environments. By reducing the impacts of condensation, attic insulation prevents these issues from arising.

Lower Utility Bills

Canadian homeowners account on average up to 50 or 70 percent of the energy for heating and cooling. In case your home is under-insulated or uninsulated then you will probably spend more money trying to maintain comfortable temperatures. But have you ever thought about how much money are you going to save if you insulate your attic or top-up insulation this year?

Attic insulation generally limits the airflow from entering and leaving your home as well as saves you money on air conditioning and heating costs. New insulation means big energy savings and big dollar savings. It can also improve the lifecycle of your HVAC system by making it more efficient with less effort as well as reducing air leaks that can affect the floors, ceiling and walls of your home.

Indoor Air Quality Improvement 

Dirt, dust, mold and mildew, as outdoor pollutants, can enter your house through air leaks that can be caused by poor attic insulation. After a certain period, these airborne toxins will be accumulated and cause poor indoor air quality. In case you decide to top-up the insulation attic you will contribute to your home’s air quality and prevent these pollutants from spreading throughout your house and give your family a healthy environment to leave. 

Additionally, when it comes to your home’s functionality it is by far better to start considering attic insulation or top-up insulation attic and classify it as a high-priority project.

Better Indoor Comfort

Heat tends to flow from warmer to cooler places, and that means that even homes that are fully equipped with modern and top-edge heating and cooling systems. It can cause overwhelming temperature fluctuations because of them being poor or under-insulated. This means, that your home can become cold or hot more quickly when the temperature changes outside or the upper floors may have different temperatures compared to those on lower floors. A significant sign that shows your home’s poor attic insulation is a temperature difference of 10 or 15 degrees between floors. So attic insulation installation or top-up insulation attic will ensure comfort at night and early mornings when the temperatures are quite low.

Increased Property Value

As mentioned before attic insulation can offer a variety of benefits but one of the most important is that it increases your home’s value. An insulated attic will be seen as a selling factor by prospective buyers, especially after they learn how it reduces energy expenses, protects the roof, and maintains the comfort of the house.

Overall, improving your home’s insulation is a great way to raise the value of your house on the real estate market.

In case you are in need of high-quality and reliable attic installation services, then do not hesitate to address it to Eco Spray Insulation professionals. Eco Spray Insulation attic insulation experts use top-notch equipment and licensed products for such insulation processes. 

What Is the Best Insulation for the Attic?

There are two types of attic insulations that differ from each other based on their functionality, installation and target R-Values.

1. Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam is one of the best insulation options for your attic. Spray foam insulation has the tendency to expand after spraying it. As the foam seals and expands it avoids any unnecessary moisture, which can lead to severe mold and mildew growth, or encourage pests inside your walls. 

When it comes to insulating your attic, mind that spray foam insulation is not only fire-resistant but also water and pest resistant. It can be installed around any shape and fit extremely tightly.

2. Blown-In Insulation

In general, blown-in insulation is a suitable option in case you are planning to insulate your walls or attic. Heat loss can occur because of possible air gaps, and it can cost you a lot of money. As a result, blown-in or also known as loose fill insulation can lower your bills. If your attic is previously insulated with one layer of insulation, then blown-in insulation is a good option for you.

The type of material that you want to install in your attic depends upon you. The most important consideration you have to take is the insulation’s R-value, which indicates the resistance to heat flow. 

Keep in mind that the highest the R-value the more resistant your attic insulation will be. For further information, you can also check Canada’s Energy Code for Buildings rules related to attic installation.

In case you are unsure of how much attic insulation, you are going to need for your project, then let our project manager help you. 

The calculation part is also done by our project manager, by measuring the length, width and square footage that you want to insulate, as well as, determining the height to get the correct R-value for your insulation project. The only thing you have is to call (416) 860-6664 as our team is 24/7 available and eager to fulfill every request or need you may have.

What Benefits Does Spray Foam Insulation Offer?

Professional spray foam application can result in a variety of advantages that can help prevent health hazards and maintain your property’s building code. Correct spray foam insulation can result in energy efficiency, efficient HVAC system operation and less usage of natural gas and electricity among seasons.

The ‘Pros ‘ of Spray Foam Insulation for your attic are:

  • Air leakage is almost completely eliminated
  • Heat loss is prevented by an airtight seal
  • Assurance of house energy efficiency
  • Seasonal reductions in electricity costs
  • Greater R-Value compared to other installs
  • Decreased moisture accumulation

You will understand the spray foam’s value mostly in the long run as your home will be correctly insulated and energy efficient. As a result, your original attic insulation investment will fortunately ‘pay off’ your utility savings.

What Factors Affect Attic Insulation Costs?

People leaving in Canada have to understand that attic insulation plays a pivotal role when it comes to the comfort of their homes. Although attic insulation prices might vary, several factors influence the cost of top-up insulation attics across the GTA.

  1. Type of insulation material used for the coverage of your home
  2. Take into consideration that larger spaces require more manpower, insulation quantity and time to be completed
  3. Square footage of your home’s attic
  4. Insulation installer’s or contactor fee

What is the Difference Between Fiberglass and Spray Foam Attic Insulation?

In general, spray foam insulation indicates a more complex installation compared to fiberglass. The product itself requires more professional handling and especially the installation of highly specialized equipment. Spray Foam is classified as a premium-priced product and can achieve air sealing while installing it.

Fiberglass insulation consists of fine glass fibers and it is most commonly found in two different types of insulation such as blanket and loose fill. Compared to Spray Foam, fiberglass, is not that much effective as it keeps the heat inside the house. This means that we have a disbalance in the interior and exterior temperatures. Furthermore, in case it becomes wet then it loses the insulation qualities that it previously has. The majority of fiberglass insulation can cause severe health issues as it contains cancer-causing materials.

If the fiberglass installation isn’t applied properly, when inhaled, it can irritate the skin, and eyes and cause severe lung disease.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

When Do I have to Call a Professional for my Attic?

Attic insulation is no longer a DIY job, so in case you want to invest in attic insulation, then you have to refer to a contractor or insulation installer. Eco Spray Insulation can help you top up insulation attic, add attic insulation and help your property be more energy efficient and eco-friendly. 

The safety issues around changing the attic insulation are not something you, as the homeowner, want to be engaged with. Additionally, even though you might lack the skills or expertise to guarantee secure attic insulation you shouldn’t let your attic without insulation.

 For an attic inspection and a recommendation for the best professionally licensed contractor for your attic insulation project, contact the Eco Spray Insulation project manager at (416) 860-6664 or send a detailed description to [email protected] along with your project requirements and gain a free on-site visit from one of our representatives.

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