How to Find Summer Insulation Issues in Your House

How to Find Summer Insulation Issues in Your House

How to Find Summer Insulation Issues in Your House

If you live in a place where summer temperatures are hot – or hot all year – you know how crucial it is to keep your home cool, especially if you have pets or children.

We are aware of how costly it is to keep your home at tolerable temperatures during the summer. The cost of cooling your home might easily account for more than half of your total energy expenditure. 

Fortunately, proper insulation can help you save money by making your home more energy-efficient while keeping it cool. Here’s all you need to know about summer insulation problems in your home.

What Areas in Your Home Need Insulation?

If you don’t know where your house requires insulation, you won’t be able to detect summer insulation difficulties. Consider a few key areas that require a barrier while repairing any insulation difficulties. If you don’t have insulation in these areas, you may easily install it and cure your problem.

Your attic is one of the most important places to add insulation. Even if you don’t spend much time there, it can accumulate a lot of heat, which you don’t want to transfer to your living rooms. The floor joists should be insulated, and if your attic has one, the access door should be insulated as well.

Of course, you’ll want to insulate all of the external walls. Hot air can enter your home through the external walls, and cold air can depart through the external walls. All of your outside walls require insulation if you want to keep your home cool.

You might also wish to wrap your ducts in insulation. You want to restrict the cold air from escaping as it passes through your ducts. So, if you want to avoid wasting energy, you should insulate your home’s pipes.

Summer Insulation Issues in Your House

Even if you ensure that problem areas are well insulated, problems may arise during the hot summer months. If you detect these problems, conduct another assessment of the affected area to determine whether your present insulation needs to be repaired or replaced.

You may experience insulation issues even if you know you have insulation in your attic, along the outside walls, and around your ducts. Some of your rooms may have drafts, or some rooms may be substantially hotter than others. 


There could be a problem with your attic if you detect a draft. Your walls, doors, and windows, on the other hand, could be to blame. Make sure there are no leaks in the attic’s insulation.

You should also double-check that the doors and windows in the issue room close correctly and that the insulation is in good shape. If something isn’t quite right, you can replace the insulation or hire someone to reinstall your door or window so that it seals properly.

Hot Rooms

If one room in your house is considerably hotter than the rest, there’s probably a problem with the insulation. If the room in question is on the top floor, however, this may not be the case. Compare a room to other rooms on the same floor to see if it has an insulation problem.

All of the rooms’ windows and outside doors can be examined. If that one room is still significantly hotter than the others, you’ll need to investigate the insulation.

Staying Cool

In some circumstances, you’ll be able to tell if your home has a summer insulation problem. Maybe one of the rooms is much hotter than the others. Perhaps you’re noticing a draft throughout your home.

You should, however, be aware of where you already have insulation. If you don’t have any in one room, try installing foam insulation to see if that helps. If not, you can inspect several areas of your home to determine the source of the problem.

Why Eco Spray Insulation?

At Eco Spray Insulation, we take insulation very seriously. This necessitates dedication to professional installation and the use of tried-and-true materials. Our knowledgeable insulation installers can help you determine which type of insulation is ideal for your application.

Whether you need spray foam insulation installed, fiberglass batt insulation installed, or old insulation removed, Eco Spray Insulation has you covered. Also, if you want to beat the heat this summer with new insulation or house upgrades, Ontario homeowners can get up to $5000 in-home renovation rebates through the Home Efficiency Rebate program, making it even easier to see a return on your investment.

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